the Bold and the Beautiful

... or, as some of you may know them, the GooneyRyder and the BeautyWild ... both of whom are both powerfully bold and beautiful ... these were my play-time partners for the weekend....

this is where we went to play:

how do you tell your friends you love them, deeply?

you go out to the desert with them and you play like absolute MAD!!!!! that's how!

From left to right: Carney - wondering how he lucked out so big; BeautyWild - contemplating the breeze coming up beneath her feet; and Ez - holding onto the tree for dear life!

we were also tremendously lucky to hook up and pony around with local front-range tech-ryder-master, LIZ (hawt extrordinaire)!!!!

no real pix (i took all of these with the phone camera, and that just wasn't cutting it), as the camera FAILED on the first climb of the first day. and, no real pix from day 2, as the pony died on the first climb of the second day.

i highly recommend heading to the bold and the beautiful blogs for more pix and more words than i dare to try and come up with.

thank you both, for such a magical weekend in the DIRT!




Dave Byers said...

Oh no! The pony is down! You simply have too much power for ordinary metals girlfriend. It was a good pony, and will be remembered always. :)

Anonymous said...

4 words...time to up-grade!

Steel may be real but good Ti ROX!

BTW:not all Ti is created equal.

Choose wizly, grasshopper.

Kevin aka. PBR said...


i know you just wanted to rock the ss for a while! Spring is here! ;)

JenyJo said...

DB: HAHAHAH.. yeah. power. not. but yes... she is already deeply missed.

cal: thanks for letting me borrow your mamamaaaacitaaa!!!

pbr: that must be the reason........ but no. not it's not.


thanks for checkin' in guys!!