outlook good

i've decided that it is A-OK to over-process my photos because basically this is how i view the world anyway... might as well give you an accurate representation of JenyVision, eh?

this is an accurate representation of how i view the current 'state-of-being' and 'play-time' for all the mtbFreaks i know:

(yes, we are all just out there, splashing around in puddles and getting dirty on purpose ... with absolute JOY).

i seem to see the SKY reflected in all things... somehow.

maybe i just like the color blue. i definitely just like RR tracks.

this bike has wings... even tho it's not going anywhere. in fact, i would venture to say that this is a magical bike. that is what JenyVision says, anyway.

i'm almost positive that ed is quite sick of me sticking to his rear wheel these days. i've come up with a new technique for NOT bumping his rear wheel when he transitions between sit-pedal and stand-pedal. and no, honey, i'm not going to tell you what that new technique is, because you'll just get more frustrated with my extra-close mtbPresence. ;-) teehheee!!!

i found my painted pony today. however, she ran away when i held out my hand. and, she wasn't moving very fast at all.... gggaaaahhhhhhhh.....

ghost singletrack. yes.

thanks for checking in! hope everyone found at least one puddle to whole-heartedly leap into today ;-)



Ed said...

I like JenyVision :-)


JenyJo said...


Roni Faida said...

Cool pics! www.trilingualdiva.blogspot.com

sarah virginia said...

you are beauty!

Anonymous said...

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