Post-Unicorn Cookie Bliss


kissing ponies

Here is the "post" part:
Ed had to literally drag me out of the house today. Lazy crept into my psyche and body and completely took over the system.

It's a good thing I listen to Ed most of the time ... because today ended up being quite the satisfying and wonderful day out on the bike, out in January, out on singletrack, out feeling aLive in the body, out on the ponies!

We got a really late start to the day, seeing as we didn't crawl out of bed until an absurdly late hour in the morning. Ah-well. Such is life, eh?

Why were we so tired this morning? Well, I don't know about Ed, but as for myself:
The "Unicorn Cookie" part (look at the unicorn pix to understand):

THANK you, to the most inspired, inspiring, powerful and full-of-LIFE women I know. I'm lucky to be in your presence.

Sometimes I just wonder.....

And most of the time I just think: My girlfriends kick some serious bootay -- and I'm the luckiest woman on earth to be included in their fantastic world. Gratitude in inexplicable amounts.



cynthia said...

looks like you had a GREAT weekend.

All you girls look FANTASTIC - good thing I didn't show up and ruin the look!

I'm super bummed missed it!

JenyJo said...

Cyn, don't be ridiculous! "ruin the look"... wtf!?!?!?!? we talked about you all night long and how much we admired severely you were beating the PP out of the pool-boyz ;-)

we ALL admire and look up to you cyn -- goof!


TVC15 said...

Jen, thanks so much for such a great night. You, without a doubt, have some of the most genuine, inspiring, interesting, vibrant, and most wonderful friends. It was a true pleasure to meet so many of them.

And Happy Birthday!! Again! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweetness! I'm sorry I couldn't make it! Next time... we will ride this year, k?

human being said...

Happy birthday, looks like it was a good one.