All BooBoo All The Time

I know you're all just dying to know how Tonka (aka BooBoo) spends his winter hours.

Are you ready for this?

His most common state of being. BooBoo says: "Shhhh. I'm sleeping. I can hear you taking pictures. Go AWAY!" ... as he SNORES.

And, apparently, he's moved IN... INTO my down coat!

BooBoo says: "It's MY HOUSE." He rarely leaves this space now ... in the down coat, next to the heater.... Is he COLD with all that fur he has on? I mean... really?

For pure entertainment purposes, he seems to like the Dryer -- after we've dried the clothing.

BooBoo says: "You turn this thing On and Off for a reason right?"
Is he trying to tell us something?

How about this?

He says: "Mom, you can't see me. I'm hiding in the box, sleeping. No, I didn't bust the seams of the box ... it came like that. Mom, you can't see me. Go away!"

BooBoo says: "I am a BIRD! I am a Magpie!! Ma, go away! I am a BIRD!"

BooBoo says: "I am the prince. Take more pictures of me."

And last but not least:
BooBoo says: "Look at me, I'm dancing! I'm flying! I'm dancing! Ma ... go away!"

There. BooBoo's world.



TVC15 said...

You're gonna make me wanna go out and a get another cat with crap like this. Stop it.


Itty Bitty Betty said...

Cute pics. But on a serious note, be very careful of him getting into the dryer. We had a cat do that when I was growing up and my Mom turned it on. It was not a pretty scene!

Dave Byers said...

Adorable. One of these days I need to post the saga of the barn kitty who adopted us this fall, then had kittens in our barn, kept them hidden from us for a month, and then we had six barn kitties. Ugh.

human being said...

I agree with m.

Anonymous said...

what, no cap-crusader photos

Pablo said...

You've got some photos worthy of icanhazcheezburger.com