Days 12 and 13 -- one big, long 2 days


Day 12, last day of 2008:
Nice, late sleep in (again).
Lovely breakfast.
Lots of kitty time.
Then...... ON with the riding clothes, saddle up the ponies, and off to the bakery!!!!!!! I simply cannot think of a better way to motivate myself to get on my bike when I am feeling lazy... riding to the bakery is just such a perfect crime ... since there is a significant amount of required climbing to get back up out of Evergreen and back up to the house. I swear... this might be my training regimen for this winter.

The view from the apex of the ride:

The view in the other direction (so beautiful):

Never mind that the bakery was actually CLOSED when we got there (ugh -- no UNICORN COOKIES!!!) ... we had to make do with another bakery that was slightly unsatisfying. The climb home was lovely, tho!

So, of course, this day was New Years EVE! So, what did we do for NYE? We went and hung out with the crew in Golden ... such a lovely evening, complete with missing dogs, ridiculous amounts of wine and scotch (ew), and delicious food. Pix of most of the crew here: (I somehow managed to fail to get a picture of Anthony, our gracious host and organizer)

Day 13, New Years Day!
I slept.
We hiked.
We talked.
Life is good and we're off to a good start for 2009.



Ed said...

LOL, look at that roll!!! I forgot to suck my gut in ;-)


TVC15 said...

Great pictures, jj! So nice spending time with you guys. We're finally recovering over here.

Here's to lots and lots of awesome rides in 2009!


human being said...

heh...it was sooo good hanging out with you guys.

What a fuzzy night.

LyndaW said...

Happy New Year. 2009 is gonna be a great year for us all!