Days 15 and 16!

Day 15:
Many of you will be disappointed to know that I spent the 15th day of my vacation actually working, ALL DAY, from home... in my pj's, coffee in hand. After thinking about the deadline looming for Monday afternoon, I decided that I would have a better first day back at work if I could get a real handle on everything I needed to have done for my first day back. So, since it was bitter-ffin' cold and I was tired and slow and feeling very still inside, I just sat down and got at least 2 days worth of work DONE. And you know what, that was VERY satisfying.

The same mountains that I've been taking pictures of all week ... ghostly today, beautiful today.

So on to Day 16, the LAST day of vacation ... this vacation ;-)
Having sat at the desk all day yesterday, my last thought of the day as I started to fall asleep last night was this: "I want to get up in the morning, hopefully it's snowed a bunch, get on the bike and go bike to breakfast downtown Evergreen, then go to the bakery and be outside on the pony, in the cold and snow and whatever else the universe brings." That was my thought. And then I passed out cold.

So what did Ed and I do today?

Tonka wondering what he did in his previous life to be placed in a family like ours.

We got up, and it had snowed only an inch or so; it was bitter cold ... and we saddled up the ponies and rode to breakfast!

We took another route down into town, and ended up at the One World Cafe for breakfast! It was a bit of a cold ride down, and I certainly didn't wear the correct mittens.

Ed at breakfast, drinking coffee, discussing with me our plan for the ride after we eat... which was difficult, by the way, with a FULL belly.

After breakfast we kept on riding, uphill, away from home ;-) We explored a few more back-roads in hopes of finding the base/start of a long forgotten (never even used?) road that we happened to 'accidentally' stumble upon in the woods the other day. It shows up on maps (faintly), but the bottom of the road is a bit invisible.

See Ed ride the Pony. See, also, the saddle between the big mtn and the littler mtn? There is a Ghost Road (dirt and not maintained) in there --- that I WANT -- and I want to ride on it, and I want to know where it starts. We already know where it ends ... and I like it there!

So, up we went, in the freezing cold. We searched and explored and dead-ended ourselves on private property once again. ARGH! So we rode back home, up the hills, through the video store, through the liquor store (again) and back up the last hill, in the sunshine, to our home. And that was the last ride of my vacation.

Then I took a nap in front of the fire.

And the fire burns inside like never before.
See the Ghost Kitty and Ghost Jeny? It was a very mysteriously lit day.


Ed said...

Is my nostril flaring?!


TVC15 said...

Great stuff jj. Good on you for getting ahead of the curve. I'm jealous. ;) Call you later, have a great day back! ~myb