scratching the surface

It's been a good weekend. Solid. Deep. Full of light and with a panoramic view of both the insides and the outsides ;-)

Saturday found Ed and I (and Steevie and Johnny) out in the buff creek woods, goofing OFF and riding like absolute crazy people. Literally. We rode and rode and and rolled, we laughed our asses off and basked in the warmth and light of the first-of-November warmth (WTF!?!?). Steevie filled the entire valley with his laughter and his thoughts and warnings of hunting season. Someday, Ed will put up pix from the brilliant day and one Jj who crashed and burned and bled from ear to knee. Don't ask. The only pix worth noting that I took (and that Steevie took) are these:

Ed, pre-ride pampering for the pony

Ed, taking pictures of me sessioning the only technical spot in buff creek. Photo credit steevie

I am going to admit to complete and utter laziness for the rest of the weekend (for me). Sunday found me tired and really in need of sitting still. So that is what I've done.

Sunday, for Tonka, looked a lot like this:

Tonka, wasted on cat-nip, or bird juju, or god knows what (photo courtesy Ed)

And, I've finally created and settled into my studio space. It's about time. There is a LOT that has been left undone. I have been negligent.

my space

The end of daylight savings (the end of naturally-lit rides after work) brings with it the need to occupy internal and external time in more creative (and yet still healthy) ways. I am hoping I can find the motivation and the gumption to ride at night, and to ride in the cold. I am hoping to find the focus to cross-train ... because I really, really it. I am also hoping for the fire of an old and now unfamiliar spirit to burn bright and steady. I'll let you know how that goes ;-)


Dave Byers said...

I felt like Tonka on Sunday too! That is not a bad thing when it is 42 degrees and pouring rain though. :) I think our MTB season officially ended with this storm. (Heavy sigh)

human being said...

Tonka is adorable.

I had a lazy day in the fantastic Boulder Bookstore on Pearl. Pure aweseome. Here's to finding your space; I raise a glass to you.

TVC15 said...

Good to see Ed back on a bike! Hmm ... I hear there's this stuff locally that's a lot like that BC stuff. Only closer. And more secret. And Fruitier. Any interest ... ??!!

JenyJo said...