Tick-Off Lists (or: More Pix of ROCKS)

The deeper, more complicated side of my day today would include discussions and ramblings on what it feels like to have a TechnicalMtbGoal, and to tick it off 'your list', (and there meaning therein) (the Deeper Meaning Part) (if there is such a thing))). The not-so-deep side of that experience of today only really includes pictures, and fleeting descriptions of what it feels like to have adrenaline pulsing like MAD in every single cell of the body.

I don't really know which one to indulge in here and now ;-) Truly, either conveyance of the experience only really includes a lot of manic-body-shaking ... which I don't feel currently capable of explaining.

So, what you're going to get is more pix of riding rocks -- more pix of my MyssM riding rocks ... because I can't take pix of myself winning-over my goals, and I don't have Ede's pix yet to show what it looks like from the outside.

I have a lot to say about today!!! Just not sure what it is yet --- but the pix excite me, so I feel like sharing before the words and internal expressions come to me full swing....

Is that Normal, or OK? Does it matter?

Clicky the picky for a full-meal-deal of a few Jj shots, and a lot of M shots:

pic courtesy of ede -- whom i had to seduce and charm to get the 2 pix i have in this collection.

just a few MORE PIX (from EDE), click HERE!!

I can say this: I'm VERY excited for MyssM today -- she not only ticked some major things off her list, but she added new ones and then ticked those off immediately thereafter. How is THAT for a Pre-Turkey-Burn!!!



Ed said...

Great job yesterday DARLING!!


jeanbean said...

Hi JenyJo - Happy Thanksgiving. Eben and I went on a great hike this morning and now we are cooking many pies in honor of long ago pilgrims. You are looking pretty cool in the argyles and clearing the pointy rocks. Keep it up. Tore up my ankle last weekend - so that's it for running 08 and now looking forward to big skiing (with you!). xojeanbean

used2Bhard said...


I still don't have the courage to try that thing!

Anonymous said...

Oh My! JJ U Rock! Back in the day (preKidz) I'd ride that rock up and down, but not now.