sipping the nectar

ed, the new humming bird and i had a splendid weekend all the way around!

For the picture-story, click a picture!

saturday morning ed and i bolted down to salida to pick up the new pony. i highly recommend working with the stellar crew at Absolute Bikes there in town -- they are wonderful people, fan-freakin'-tastic bike mechanics and artists, and i worked with Shawn on the fit for a LONG time (no wonder my back has been hurting;-) i think he helped me through a number of position issues..... yeeehawww!

so we rode with tom and shawn saturday afternoon! they took us on some delightfully obscure, old 4x trail/tracks -- we hit a TON of rocks on some wickedly steep fun descent! it was a good way to re-orient to the 29'er-ness, the HT-ness and the new fit! i was surprised!!!

after a VERY satisfying ride with shawn and tom, we headed down to del note to spend the evening with gary and patti! gary had us up and ready for a solid ride early sunday morning. he took us up some valley and had us climbing for a solid 3,8oo' in the first 12 miles through pristine valleys, up through the dense forest, and towards-towards-towards the very high peaks that we were surrounded by. we got up above tree line for a while -- i swear, it is SO neat to ride up there above the trees in the midst of the huge mountains, cool air, big clouds.... it's just special.

then we got to descend for a solid 18 miles!!!!

so apparently i am going to have to check my speed at the door for a little while until i get used to the new position, and the new HT feel......... i must have bounced the rear end off of something while careening down through the valley and promptly face-planted into a rather large aspen tree. while nothing is broken, and i opted to not stitch up the chin, i was a bit worried there for a few minutes until i calmed down.

and yes..... yes the new pony is perfectly fine. i didn't even scratch her ;-) thank goodness.

we high-tailed it back to evergreen last night --- and i'm totally recovering today!

i owe my fancy new wheels to Ed and Mr. Magic Mike Curiak! I LOVE THEM! I owe the feedback and help in putting her together to Scot at Absolute.

Ok. Energy is back to normal. I'm no longer a lightning bolt. I'm a little tired now!



Chris said...

Hot! Another 29er. Marni is getting dangerously close to getting one as well.

Anonymous said...

VooDoo Jen - Nice Ride! Love the pics - and your chin music - OUCH!

Gary said...

Hi you! Thanks so much for sharing your joy with us even if it was just for a day. It was great to have the privelage of showing our beautiful back yard to you and Ed. I hope the chin, mouth, teeth and arms are good today...ouch! See you soon.

JenyJo said...

chris -- tell marni to just do it. ;-)

cal: when do we get to ride, eh? i had to ask ed what chin music meant.... that is funny ... and perfect ;-)that's about right. the aspen tree won... but not by much. it could have been a LOT worse.

gary: it's always an honor to ride with you -- and on your secret stash of backyard bliss. we miss you guys. the teeth don't feel so bad today, the chin looks a bit ewwie, and the arms are recovering rapidly........



Dave said...

Nice bike. Keep running into shit and it'll be prettier than you!

That bar to saddle drop does look 'a bit' different.


JenyJo said...

hey dave -- can you email me? i don't seem to have your address -- jenmeinerz@hotmail.com

Kim said...

sexy chin Jen :)

JenyJo said...

kim --let me tell ya ;-) eeewwww.... maybe i should have put that pic up.


hope you are doing well!


Ed said...

Darling! Sweet looking bike, I hope you enjoy it. Stick with the new position for a bit and see how it works out. It may feel weird and uncomfortable now but that's because you've been riding a certain way for so long - remember your back felt excellent while new leg and arm muscles got worked...that might be the right thing.

And please, please remember it's a ht not a full squish and maybe prone to a little kick once in a while :-) That was quite a fright you gave me on Sunday. I've never seen you crash like that and trees scare me.

Darling <3


Dave Byers said...

Your new pony is so sexy. I love the color and the parts spec you picked out. Stay away from those damn aspen trees though...my Michelle hit one two years ago at the Ghee and still looks at it sideways when we ride there.

LyndaW said...

oooooh new pony aaaahhhh she ooks lovely and feisty at the same time

Cellarrat said...


Looks tasty!