CYNTHIA'S AWARD!!!!! (and other weekend reports)

unfortunately, due to a Tonka Emergency, ed and i missed cynthia's annual dirt-crit award party this year. which is really a shame as that is truly one of THE places to be as far as 'events' and parties go. sorry, cyn. yes, tonka is recovering and is on more sterroids than any of us -- and people wonder why he's so fat. gah. give the cat a break. ;-)

what's more is that i had a prize for cynthia this year. since i was not able to surprise her on the night of her party, i thought this forum would be the perfect place to give her the award.

cynthia, i humbly bestow upon you the Mother Hen award!!!!!!!!! ;-)

this award goes to cynthia for a number of reasons, the biggest of which is to honor her contribution to the biking community of Boulder, CO. now, the biking community of Boulder, CO is not particularly SMALL, nor is it full of a bunch of wanna-be racer types. nope, Boulder is the full meal deal, and i SWEAR cynthia takes care of more racers, contributes to more races, hosts more adventure-rides and generally takes really, REALLY super damn good care of the very specific people she supports in races. AND, that is not the bulk of it. cynthia has even organized and maintains and leads and is generally in CHARGE of a Tuesday Night girls ride in which she seduces newcomer women to mountain biking -- instilling in them a heroine-like addiction to the sport that we all know and love and crave and, well ... can't live without.

cynthia, you get the Mother Hen award because you contribute more to our community than anyone else i know. and, you take really good care of me ;-) (in more ways than one).

so, the Mother Hen jar is filled with items my family would like to give you to make sure you are taking equally good care of yourself ;-)

So There.

in other news that is not really 'news' per se:

we had a stellar weekend on and off the bikes

saturday we climbed a bit at buff creek, logging a sweet round number of 30 miles and 3Kvert. saturday blessed me with a set of wings. speed felt effortless -- especially nice considering we were really just taking it easy (remember, ed's in vapor lock) -- our pace was actually rather good. sweet surprise to me!!! i felt like magic.

sunday we climbed a bit more at buff creek, logging a sweet not-so-round number of 23 miles and 2700 vert ... at the same pace. while this is hardly interesting to anyone -- the odd thing here was that i felt like complete flat crow, as if i were pulling about 7.5 cynder blocks behind me just for fun. no idea why.

ed is vapor locking quite nicely and is focused-focused-focused on the vt125. i like that ;-) i'm doing my best to not distract him. really, honey, i swear it i am trying my hardest ;-)

no pix this weekend. just time in the saddle, being outside, happy and alive.

HUGE LT100 props to Aaron, FixieDave, Mr. Weeeens, ColeBunny, Mister Gerritson, and man, Fatty, way to pull it off!! (did you have to eat the mayo?)

anyway. it's sunday night ... such a sweet delight.




Itty Bitty Betty said...

What a fantastic award for Cynthia! I'm dying to know what's in the jar!!! We missed you and Ed at the party and are glad to hear that Tonka is recovering.

Cellarrat said...

glad T is recovering!

Thanks much!

cynthia said...

thanks jeny...that's super sweet of you.

I'm bummed you and Ed missed the party. I'll have to sneak you - your award later. ;)

just got back from Angel Fire where i was "pretending" to be a DHer. ;)


JenyJo said...

itty: there are many,many things in the jar. one of which i think is a single piece of gum. there is a car in there of some sort. and definitely some spare change. and i think some Hen-ee type things ;-)

fixie: damn good job my friend! keep it up! i hope you are still feeling GOOD.

cyn: your prize next year is for DH'er of the year. shut it! you rock ;-)