cruisin' chamisa

ed spent the weekend playing around in the ... snow... and sprinting up buck gulch. gulp. as much as i would have LOVED a day of hiking in the snow, and any opportunity to start at pine valley (sincerely, i like that climb), i opted for seeing my long-lost friends (the recently married couple) jen and aaron -- in sante fe.

friday afternoon/evening drive to santa fe was slow going and troubled with stormy weather. heavy weather. wet, hydro-planing weather. such fun. add to that a gas nozzle thingy that didn't automatically stop when it was supposed to and $120 bucks worth (and the guilt of spilling that much gas) of waste, and well... it was an interesting trip south. in the dark. just me and the white stripes.

they greeted me with wine ;-)

saturday morning we feasted on waffles and fresh strawberries and hand-picked palisade peaches. (i know, suffer fest). and coffee... thick, rich black ffin' coffee. ohyum.

we then saddled up and hit the Dale Ball trails -- freak-fest of a twisty-fun morning, while aaron flatted two too many times. since we had to pass it any way onto the 2nd half our our ride, we rode back past their house, grabbed an enormous -- enromous -- lunch, and then rolled down to la tierra!!!! WOOOOPDIE-WOOOSSSS! holy crayola that was a screamin' kick in the pants.

we only hit sprinkles of rain for about 1.5 minutes for our first part of the ride. the rest of the day was spent in some beaming, gleaming sunlight and fresh, cool breeze. is it really august?

saturday night we drank a lot of wine. we ate the most marvelous fish. we laughed entirely way too hard and too much. period.

sunday found us at the breakfast table with enormous omelets -- and more peaches -- and thick, face-slapping coffee... rich and succulent.

then we saddled up and hit chamisa to sidewinder to the burn to windsor and back to chamisa. yeah, this didn't suck one bit. and it was sunny yet cool the whole time. imagine that.

price for this bliss: one more broken rear deralieur and a bit of walking 'out'. damn. got to ride a bit of ss on the truth (don't laugh too hard) back up to the top of chamisa, then rolled all the way back down. aw shucks ... what a day to be alive.

the dive home found me smack in the middle of the biggest, heaviest and darkest rain storm i've ever had the distinct pleasure of driving through. and, i also got to see the most enormous rainbow i've ever seen in my life. it made me cry.

pictures later this week.

ah, the start of a solid month worth of big weekends....... here we go! (salida, vacation, vt125, rmh, cb classic).

the pending fun is ... energizing!!!
*ed is still in vapor lock.
*aaron is tempting fate at getting onto the starting line for th evt125. tom???????
*and steve (aarons training buddy and carrot -- one of the fittest men in america -- a'hem -- check out Outside Oct 2008) is prepping to line up as well.
*add to this that my gems of glory and energy Lynda and Dave are going to line up and create a giggle fest of bright energy through the night and the day ....
*kentANDkatie will line up to crush the comp and inspire smiles.
*mr. plesko will have recovered from the CTR and bounce back ready and hungry for more climbing.

it's going to be quite the event and i cannot wait to see everyone!

um. it's only monday? still?



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