Hi. My name is Jeny, and I am an auditorily-obnoxious person; that is, when i am happy and slightly over-excited, i am an obnoxious-hyper-hyper-loud-manic being.

that's just how it goes. i suppose.

so, apologies in advance ;-) (and in arrears).

riding with michelle and aj tonight ... well, i must have busted two sets of ear-drums and likely wore-out my weekly ride-time welcome ;-) SO sorry guys, for the verbal explosion of crayola grandure. really, i was just that excited to see you, and that excited to be riding with you.

i promise next time to try and be slightly less ........ loud.


i had so much on our ride tonight. thanks for the uplift! i really needed it!



TVC15 said...

You made my day I promise! You have no idea how much I needed that ride and to hang out with you.

Hurry back from NM and we'll do it again soon. But more chat time. Way more chat time.

PS: I'm buying a couple of XL skorts in case we have any more interlopers wanting to tag along on girls rides. :-D Hey, everything worth doing has a price of admission. ;)

TVC15 said...

PS: Great photo! :-D

Cellarrat said...