where am i now?

FIRST AND FOREMOST: we did NOT see a mtn. lion last week, or any of the other animals i listed in last saturday's post. those were the names of the trails.... i'm sorry for the confusion, you can stop calling ed now and asking about all the animals.

well, i guess it's been a week since i last posted ... what a week.

spent monday morning through thursday evening in Houston, TX. next time i promise to get a picture of my curly hair in a humid climate. truly a spectacular form of chaos. i hated showing up to the office literally dripping sweat from a measly 4-block walk from the hotel to the office. W T F ?!


friday evening i had the velodrome trail all to myself. yes, that is a re-re-renamed trail ;-) i had to get out and sweat the texas trauma out of my body. this ride, however, will go down in my books as the ride of the broken snake: on my way back home i decided to take a 2-mile detour... and what did i see about a 1/4 of the way into it? i saw a little baby snake, in the middle of the road, trying to pull it's partially squished body across the pavement with it's rather broken head. i didn't cry this time, but i did throw the bike down and get the poor creature off the road and into a shaded area with tall grass. poor little thing. i picked up the bike and rolled home ... and then i cried.

saturday i had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with veronica (and her mickey and her brother andrew and his roomie andriis). we met up in frisco so we could ride up and then back on the peaks trail. the climb up felt really sweet, and the ride down was so much fun i didn't bother even thinking about the camera or taking pictures. i LOVE following Veronica's line down hill ... she is so smooth and so freakin' fast ... it was fun to stay on her tail and just FLY.

i am happy to report that veronica's baby is happy, healthy, and smiles a LOT!!! the pictures below are of our day out on the trail, and of veronica, mickey and their truly awesome child, Wyatt!

sunday: so far, slept in, ed made breakfast, and tonka lounged in the sunshine. heading out for a ride!!! in the... HEAT. ouuuwwiiieeee.

ok. so that was fun. and fast. and somewhat of a slap in the face ;-) i thought we were going to go out for a snappy but casual sunday spinn around local singletrack goodness.... uhm. well. since i picked the trail last sunday, today was ed's choice. little did i know that he had it in him to beat his AVG speed record so far on the neighborhood meandering course we have.... so. after i finally got my head wrapped around the change in my expectations, man, we worked it and guess what ... i felt pretty damn good. (note to self: my man is fast and it is a joy to ride with him.)

and you know what that means? that means we are home in time for a sunday afternoon nap.


pictures from today:

on a side note, we did stop to see if the broken baby snake had managed to squiggle off -- but no, he was there, now in a final state of stillness. awww.

hope everyone is getting out as much as humanly possible and feeling good doing it!


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ssportsman said...

Sunday afternoon naps rock. on par with Saturday afternoon naps..