all that glitters is gold

today's after work ride:

decided to go UP Choss this time around, and down Switch (which would make this version a clock-wise adventure, for those who know where i'm riding), adding to the loop Tippy. I've definitely decided that Choss is easier to get up than Switch .... However, I've re-re-named the trails: they're now named Glitter and Gold (Choss is now Glitter, and Switch is now Gold). Deal. ;-) it will be fun to mix up the UP factor depending on my states of being. nice to know that what i thought was going to be the more difficult climb was actually not. but i'm usually backwards in these ways anyway. so who knows.

pinch flatted on the way down, which was a major disappointment ... otherwise a brilliant and wonderful ride. very, very few people out and the sunlight was just scrumptious.

alright, serious question: who has the remedy for 'busy mind' on the bike? i have a ridiculously busy mind, even on the bike (not always, but often enough that i feel it's 'wrong'.) i've always just relied on the Art of Riding to just calm the brain ju-ju ... but for some reason that's not happening!!! who has the secret to the Deeper Shhhhh?

also, who else finds Fried Chicken to be magic food? seriously. (maybe this is why all my jerseys feel a bit small these days. hum).


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Ed said...

Hmmm, a deeper ssshhh? I think my mind still whirls a bit when riding but it's in a different gear and I let it roam.

Stellar ride and great pics. You really do have a great eye for shots.