i like to ride bikes -- uphill, downhill, around the hills, through the corners and the woods, over the rivers and rocks and roots, flying through the sun-lit and shadowed air. i like to get dirty while riding my bike. riding my bike -- really fast -- through the universe around me is FUN.

i like my pink ellsworth truth. she suits me fine.

today was up Glitter and down Gold... now all re-re-re-renamed Mellow Gold ... even though it's truly not Mellow.

Felt really good today. it was 97 degrees when i left denver today, and not quite 85 degrees when i jumped onto the pony and took off into the forest. then the clouds rolled over. then the thunder started to roll. happy, HAPPY jeny ;)

so, i'm discovering a few things ... things i think are finally helping me to feel better on the bike again, things that are helping me to feel 'back' into my more 'normal' level of manic energy and ooolala mtbBliss:

eat. i, apparently, need to eat a nice solid amount of food about 15 minutes before i jump on the pony. (none of this 2-hours before hand hoopla ... add to it an almost full stomach 15 minutes before). seriously. i accidentally started eating at least one piece of fried chicken before my rides, and have since graduated to a whole bagel topped with a whole avocado (plus a pinch of salt). seems to be doing the trick. and this case, that trick would be to keep my stomach and therefore energy from feeling immediately like a giant cold black oblivion. check. now i feel like i start with energy, and i have more to tap into along the way ... consistently, surprisingly, refreshingly. ahhhhhh.....

. i've been downing about 64 oz of water from noon to just before i ride... that way i only have to take one water bottle on the ride and NO CAMEL BACK. i find this really really nice. check.

be merry. the goal is to Be Outside, Be Present, Enjoy Myself. Really, there is no other reason to do anything. check.

i still have back issues. i can feel it starting to come on after mid-ring efforts up steeper stuff. wah. this makes me pissy, as i LOVE to throw myself up the steeper, more demanding sections. it FEELS GOOD. but it's bringing on lower-back fatigue. wah. more physical therapy, me thinks.

annnnddddd..... i'm just yammering.



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Ed said...

Ooolala, you're a dream come true :-)

I'm glad you're feeling good on your rides again. Keep doing the PT exercises they obviously have helped and listen to the physical therapist!

Now about that Yeti t-shirt....?