big day on foot! 10 hours out in the sunshine, didn't see a single other party out there. not a bad way to spend independence day ;-) ed and i spent another miraculously beautiful day celebrating the grandeur of our world ... celebrating the enormity of it.

go see the pictures. motivation for many of the pix was to try and get that 'thing' or that 'part' or that 'something' that made a thing or place resonate within me.... not sure i was really too successful. and, it appears that there is a scratch or spot or something smack in the middle of my lens. so, most things are out of focus... go figure ;-) anyway. my inspirations were attracted to round shapes, and things that were intentionally placed and old -- or looked intentionally placed and were completely natural or wild (my favorite) ... and, in some cases, to try and get a different perspective of the things we photograph so often.

(go see ed's pix -- when he gets them up -- for a more sweeping view of the day ;-))

thank you, ed, for a wonderful Wild celebration.



Ed said...

No - thank YOU!

Darling :-)


Cellarrat said...

Looks like a great hike!

Dave said...

You're not putting that camera to shame, that's for sure. The old snag/stump is my fav.

And wuzzup with Ed's boots? Dress casual on the hill!!

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