slowly ...

but surely, working my way back into physical work. another hike-walk day. working on body position and stabilization. sounds like fun, eh? ed, my darling, escorted me through a most delightful day day -- it was an earthy day and i've enjoyed every last grounding step of it. i know they're not bike or biking pix, but try to enjoy anyway, yo! (all the pix look better when they're bigger, btw -- click on them for a more comprehensive view i guess).

maybe this one is my favorite?
we saw the remains of a lot of the dead today ... remarkably so
maybe this is my favorite today?
i think, in all honesty, ed would say that this is what my mind seems like... ;-)

ed, getting his perspective On

it was one of those days where you can't tell if spring and summer are around the corner, of if fall and winter are around the corner

also one of my most favorite from the day

this tree resembles how i feel in life sometimes...
this was at the very top, before we (absolutely surprisingly) saw the guy with the GUN . we were off the trail. he was off the trail... it was weird.

also at the very top

the textures today were wonderful

just a different perspective on something very, very familiar

hope everyone is out, having fun, ripping it up, or RESTING (as some of you should be doing), and enjoying LIFE.



Le Blaireau said...

I love the photo's, almost reach out and touch the tree's.

Cellarrat said...


LyndaW said...

I love the gnarled up tree pic. Sometimes slowing down gives a beautiful new perspective on all. But mostly is a reminder to relish the not so slow times...

Jill said...

Great pictures. Beautiful.

lottery draw said...

We should have a great day today.