to the power of wonder
the mountains i've known my whole life

standing outside next to my car, dressed in heels and skirt, freezing my little butt off .. on the ON ramp no less, i was trying to capture the pull and grace of the clouds. i really had no idea what was going on around me in that moment. i was just ... taking a picture in my own little universe... and then i heard a strong, clear voice behind me "excuse me".

yes, i screamed and jumped! scared the living hell out of me! i expected a CAR -- but not a human voice, so close, and clear!

laughing at me, he continued: 'do you know if i can ride on this highway?'

everyone, meet MARTIN! he is riding from NY to CA -- and has just hit the mountains TODAY! go martin go!!! as you might guess, i tried to tell him how to ride the back roads to get to idaho springs this evening --- but that wasn't going to stick. so yeah, martin can ride the highway. i told him if he spotted a frontage-road, he just just get to it. i offered to draw him a map, but he was in a bit of a hurry --- that storm was looming with insanity, and i would have wanted the shortest route there, too. and no, he didn't want a ride ;-)


what a day (for martin) ;-)


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