a photographer and his model

photographer: ok, lie on this ski bag, wait, also on the papers and bathroom stuff ... yeah, like that, can you pose there?

tonka: like this?

photographer: just close your eyes a little more; exuuuude catness.

tonka: like this?

photographer: yeah, yeah, now ... turn your head, a little to the right

tonka: k, dude

photographer: ok, pefect, now perk the ears a wee bit -- like you mean it, but like you don't

tonka: mmmm

photographer: HOT! ok, now, curl your paws -- like you're bordering the edge of consciousness; like you're walking into The Other Side ... unaware of what your body is doing ...

tonka: mkkkaaaayyyyy.

photographer: ohyeah... ok, hold it... hold it.... ok. now ....... glow like a ghost! GOT IT!

what a team!!! my boyz ;-)

colorado trail, as one goes up it via waterton and towards my favorite indian creek madness.
one of my favorite spots on the CT -- one climbs gently through tall, slim trees; the pitch is mid-ring sweet, and the shadows tickle ones fancy and make you feel like you're sneaking quietly, sweetly through the forest. i think there are actually fairies that inhabit these woods.
not to mention that the dirt was like STICKY today.
not bad for feeling like complete crow.

rode tuesday for the first time since 'the incident' a few weeks ago. it was precious. 2 hours in the saddle from the house made me cry with so much joy.

rode thursday for the second time since 'the incident' a few weeks ago. it was precious. 1.45 hours in the saddle from the house made me ... giddy. i had a hard time sleeping i was holding onto my excitement a little too much.

rode sunday for the third time since 'the incident' a few weeks ago. it was very precious -- lucky day in the sun, i'm just sayin'... that's all i'm sayin'. the pony is at the pony spa now....

i got to give cyn the hug of all hugs; perhaps the best hug i've ever given her.

ah, life.




Benny said...

Saw you leaving the parking lot. Glad you're feeling well enough to ride! We were out for the gf's first real mountain ride. She cleaned almost everything on the uphill switchbacks, then turned around and was scared to death to go down.

Ed said...

Darling :-)

Boo-boo is such a good model.


psst, it's 'fairies', not 'ferries'.

JenyJo said...

ben: so sorry i missed you! Congrats on the awesome ride!

ed: DOH! see how silly i am ;-) thanks, hon.


Benny said...

Do you two blog on your laptops while sitting in bed right next to each other? And then communicate only via blog comments?


I rode Alderfer/3 sisters for the first time since I went with you guys last summer. What a fantastic area. The big stair-step descents were made much more fun by the 29er.

human being said...

life is good.

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