home on the range

i've decided i'm re-naming all the trails. my choice, day by day. don't complain.

today i intended to ride Puppy Paws to Porci down Long Turn and over to/around/up over/down PreSchool, back up Long Turn, up the fun way on Porci and finish badabing.

i ended up riding the other way on Porci first (first mistake), down Long Turn and over to/up over/down and around PreSchool, then back up Long Turn and back over Porci -- the 'wrong' way as one down-hiller thought he needed to point out (though, he was very sweet about stopping and letting me by -- and giving me props for going the wrong way). (why am i not allowed to climb the techy things and enjoy it. it was THE most redeeming part of my ride today... the ONLY time i felt ON and in the flow. wtf!)

i hate PreSchool. it's boring as ****. it has only ONE saving grace: the views.



other than that there 360 degree merry go round vision ... my personal opinion of PreSchool is that it's worthless except in the winter. don't let me go there again. i don't play nice with the kids there.

Puppy Paws, on the other hand, looked sweet and playful... and i missed it. PreSchool pissed me off. i went to the grocery store instead.

later this week, i hope to hit up ... other trails no one has ever heard of ;-)



Rick LaBelle said...

Hey JenyJo,
It's been a while, hope all is well. Ahh, the sanguinity of naming trails. I love it! We privately christened a certain trail here in Driggs a few years ago ("Spooky Trail"...lions and tigers and bears, etc.). Word spread, and it is now listed as such on official Forest Service maps...and much more crowded than it used to be. So, just keep those locations nebulous and you'll be free to roll in private bliss. Maybe the names can change with seasons and moods, even? Cheers.

JenyJo said...

hey rick! hell yes, names will be based on my mood, season, whim and personal 'take' on the space, trail, etc.... ;-)

unfortunately, the trails i rode yesterday are about the MOST populated trails around. i don't know what i was thinking. silly girl. i still get to name them tho ;-)

hope you are doing well!!! nice to hear from ya!


Badger said...

But we have high demands for creativity on names. So as long as they stay up there it'll be acceptable

Ed said...

I'm not complaining, I love it! Great post....




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