sunday deux

jeny be nimble
jeny be quick
jeny jump over the rocks and sticks.

jeny rolled high
jeny rolled low
jeny rolled with fire, in the land of no snow ;-)

sunday rocked. the still completely seized back and hips did not allow me to walk, lie down, or even sit comfortably. but ... sitting on the bike felt relatively nice... in fact, the compromise in freedom put me dead-center on the pony. while all things on this trail always have felt ride-able at speed (never really an issue), slower paced days tend to feel clumsy. not this sunday, tho. for some reason, i felt on four points in absolutely all situations.... i felt nimble.

the dreaded sand pit

cat and i rode sovereign from some stinky trail head by some camp spot. while this afforded us a lovely few extra sandy miles in both directions, full head-wind in both directions included ... it was truly a smelly place.

cat wasn't having any fun. and she wasn't talking at all
yeah. cat.

cat rollin' it, not having ANY fun at all

we stopped for a moment so i could get my head together and get some red ON

cat, continuing to not have any fun, and continuing to not have a single word to say at all ;-)

a view

LMAO!!! for those of you who know me
so ... i saw this bottle and had to buy it

cat, thinking: 'this sux; this isn't fun at all; why are we here?'

jeny, thinking: why did i give cat the camera?
cat stole my camera -- she was sick of me taking pix of her not having any fun at all
so i thought i'd post the only two pix of me from the whole weekend

jeny thinking: my shirt doesn't match my shorts. i wonder if anyone will notice
jeny also thinking: my chiropractor is going to kill me

mmm...view of the desert that is so particularly moab
the light was weird this day, as the wind was blowing HARD, and the sand was filling the sky with white light

cat, gettin' her roll on, not having any fun at all
(can't you tell by the expression on her face?)

the ride back to the car, in the headwind
my camera is now full of sand

ed and jeny
ed met me for dinner on my way back to his place in evergreen... lovely evening

It is suggested that "jumping over a candlestick" was a way of foretelling the future. If the candle stayed lit, good luck should follow, where as if it went out, bad luck would follow.

the fire still burns ...


Ed said...


I went into work lunch all serious and stressed.

I am leaving lunch smiling and a little more relaxed.

Lovely post darling.


PS - I worry people will get sick of my Schmoopie (google it!) comments on your blog :-)

JenyJo said...

who cares if they get sick of them!! i certainly never will ;-)



Anonymous said...

U 2 need to Get A Room in Fruita!

Dave Byers said...

JJ, great pics! I am living vicariously through your dry dirt adventures at the moment.

Ed, as a frequent reader of your's and JJ's Blogs, I concur with JJ...smoooch away and be thankful each day that you have someone to smoooch.

JenyJo said...

Cal: fruita is NEXT weekend -- dduuuhhH!! ;-)

db: aren't you going to be in fruita too, at some point in the very near future? we really should try and hook our crazy little worlds up! i'd love to meet you and yours... FINALLY... please?

we all seem to be living vicariously, one season or another, yo -- you got all the snow this winter... we watched and yearned ;-)

tough to have more than one addiction, eh?


Cellarrat said...

bottle diff fits yah!!

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