happiness is...

favorite singletrack on a sunny day
a familiar corner launching me into one of my favorite sections of single track, anywhere

taking a picture of something you've passed by 569 times this lifetime alone
the rock, sitting there

being able to express love in whatever means available
ed, telling me he loves me in his own special way

seeing the GOOD people out there
john, post dirt research


do you see what i see?
ohhhhh-yeah. yes it's legal.

watching a looming storm linger over some other area
being in the sunshine, watching the forecast from afar

successfully missed rider-shots

ed and i actually worked on rider-shots today. he was a great teacher. and i still messed up. the whole notion of stopping and going and taking pix has now taken on a whole new goal. i have a TON to learn about the camera. i do love the leap-frog aspect of how ed and i can manage tons of rider-shots tho.... a whole new flow for us. i can tell, i'm going to be REALLY good at it ... at some point ;-)

watching your best-best roll through the sunshine
darling ;-)

endless rolly bliss through sunshine and shadows
ed, doing a fly-by

ed gunnin' it!

more climbing

post ride satisfaction
a job well done

we started the weekend with a sun and wind-filled day of skiing with really, really good people (and their children). i never knew families could be so happy. and i never knew that children could rip quite like this. made me think of everything my father had ever done for us growing up, which was a LOT: skiing every weekend since the age of 5, dirt bikes, road bikes, wagons, a forrest and cliffs all of our own, trampoline, gymnastics, soccer...... how the heck did he do it?

needless to say, the legs were wasted at the start gate today, and ed and i had a lovely, LOVELY recovery ride through heaven......... again ;-)



Dave Byers said...

What an excellent weekend! Your trails look to be in great shape already...I am jealous. :)

Dave said...

Looks like Ed's been influenced........BY ME!

That last one makes it look like you have elf feet.

JenyJo said...

LMAO! DaveC, i actually do have really tiny feet ;-) ... for my height, anyway.

size 6 ... 6.5 sometimes... depends on the shoe ;-)

and yes, i think he took 'expression lessons' from you last weekend. gee, thanks.

DaveB -- why don't you come down and ride sometime soon!?!?!? We'd love to have you!!

(that goes for you, too, DaveC).


Dave said...

No wonder you like skiing. Keeps you from falling over forwards, I'd expect.

When that whole "getting paid to goof off outside" thing Plesko is working on pans out, you won't be able to get rid of me.

Ed said...

Influenced by Ion!.....the horror, the horror.


Epic Adam said...

I am jealous. The local dirt is still mud and snow. Give me summer!

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