just another day ...

in moab ...

the ponies in frisco, winter wonderland ... ready to get dirty in the desert

cat and i decided it was high time for a girls weekend in moab. so i picked her up in frisco friday afternoon, and we rolled west!

big, wide sky today --- drenched in sunshine

since cat had never ridden porcupine, we decided that saturday would best be spent doing a porcupine loop. so we saddled up the ponies and rode up sand flats road from town, took a right at the usual 'drop-off' point fork in the road and continued climbing up to lps. unfortunately, i had a bit of a mysterious mishap ... and somehow completely sent my back into spasms while on the bike. i literally rolled off the bike and onto the ground ... lying on the ground, trying to be able to sit up ... stand up ... ride the bike. i didn't know what to do! i thought for certain it was OVER! thanks to cat and her awesome help, i managed back onto the pony, completed the climb (gingerly), hit lps, and had a spectacular day, albeit somewhat compromised.

a pic i snapped at the top

a better shot

as we were standing there -- cat being blown away with the view, a group of boys on heavy looking DH bikes rolled by and stopped to look at the little pink truth ;-) they asked if we wanted them to take a pic... just as we had stopped still, a gust of wind literally almost blew us backwards off the cliff we were standing on.... truly a funny moment;-)

cat ridin' the edge

i finally did it!!! i was far enough ahead to stop at a spot of opportunity, throw the bike in the bushes, and hide... waiting for my rider to rip around! i caught the shot JUST in time -- ONE TAKE!!! i think it turned out alright! the light was really quite difficult today... very washed out, so you know there are better colors here... but i liked the shot anyway!

la sals, valley, desert

lunch spot! the usual pix ;-)

cat looking leisurely at lunch!

cat rolling and talking to me at the same time

she didn't have ANY fun at all today ;-)

wood, desert, la sals

cat changed a flat ... i took pictures and watched everyone we just passed roll back by us ;-)

cat, moments before i got a flat!

look at me take pix of riders ;-) after my flat ... and the stupidly long time it took me to fix it, we lost our mojo train and dilly-dallied the rest of the way down...

sky shot

i loved the sky all day today. it was tremendously blue, and what clouds there were had such amazing texture. all day today the sky looked SO tremendously wide ... so big ... so vast.


Cellarrat said...


Looks like yah had fun...

Anonymous said...

i had such a great adventure with you this weekend. you are such an amazing rider- injured or not. i'm glad slowing down allowed you the space for nimbleness and connection. thanks for listening and talking. surely not to be our last trip. lovies, cat.

Ed said...

Beautiful pictures !!! I'm proud of your progress in taking action shots :-)


glen said...

I want to cry Moab looks so good... as does the riding, company, the La Sals, and the sky. Nice pix and words crazy grrrrl!


lottery draw said...

Katon, Goukakyu no jutsu.

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