rim ride jeny and gary style

gary and i left around 30 or 4o minutes after the racers, i mean riders.

i needed to not have to use lights. we were out for a stroll ... a long, open minded stroll. we left far enough after the crew to a.) get nice and warm and b.) ride completely alone. it was really, really nice.

before the ride, i was feeling mightily un-centered. i couldn't feel the connection with my bike, i couldn't feel the tie to riding. for some inexplicable reason, i just felt 'off'.

but, i had a planned 60 some odd miles to find the ON button, find the connection with Pony, and find the natural tie to riding.

it took 20 miles to find it, and to be it.

the sky played with the light all morning. this was the first shot. one of many, where i said to myself and to gary: 'better stop and get shots, or i'll regret it.' stopping is difficult, even when you're not feelin' the flow and MO-jo.

more light, seeping into our world, into me ....

more; this is still on rockin' a area


and more

i found the morning to be cold and rather difficult, even with the light so playful


following the stain line on the rock. taking rider-pix was the most difficult thing. but gary is so ON all the time -- he is a joy to ride with

stuff that is OUT there, in a wonderful place, before a really sneaky little climb

top of seven mile something or other. climbing was slow, but strong. the ledges and rocks were a dynamic relief; very fun and playful

are there views out there? ;-)

gary is the riding buddy of a lifetime. what a treat to get to spend a casual day, out all over the place, with no intentions but having fun and being present. thank you, gary!!!

gary snapped a few shots of me snapping shots. sneaky man ;-)you really should go look at ALL of his pix at: Gary'sInTheMomentdotBliss.

it is rare that i see a picture of myself and say, 'yeah, THAT is how happy i was.... and am'. thanks, gary, for paying attention, and for helping.
jeny, trying to be a good girl and stop and take pix ;-)

ed and gary, at breakfast on sunday morning. beautiful, eh?

the most beautiful of all, partner to gary in this partner-in-crime life: Miss Patti; energy bliss extraordinaire.

tom, reflecting on the ride from the day before, letting us in on a few of the awesome details of his life, looking as blissed out as anyone i've ever known.

this is IT. this is the moment. this is the image of the reality of the moment that encapsulates so much of what we all do, how we all do it, and hopefully, the why



Gary said...

Yea, we should'a stopped more for photos, yours are great. But, that's not why we were there and we had more pressing things to do. It IS hard to stop.

Thanks again for all of it, jj. You are an incredible riding partner.

I gotta go adjust my helmet now. :-)

Jill said...

Oh man, beautiful photos.

I've been daydreaming about Moab all week. Wish I could have been there with ya'll.

Meredith said...

Between the enchanted expression you're wearing, the true blue sky and waves of orange rock, I sort of wish I was there too...

then I think about actually riding all those waves...

I'll keep my gravel :)

Epic Adam said...

What is great is that you don't have to be part of an event to have those moments out there. They can happen at any time, on any ride really.

Love the photos. I stole most of them.

JenyJo said...

gary: YOU are a great riding parnter!! let's do it more often!

jill: just GET HERE and play with us!! all that white and green needs a little contrast of RED, no? ;-)

Meredith: you really should be here, too, riding the red waves with us. i was bummed you weren't here that weekend!!! argh! i had to do solo-daveC-interpretations all weekend long: very difficult ;-)

adam: indeed.

thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures JJ. The fifth picture in - the light appears to be reaching for you. It's just spectacular.

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