back in the saddle

tonka, peering out into the larger world -- one he rarely gets to visit. he seems to like watching the birds from this spot. that, or he's watching his own reflection. knowing him, he's spooking himself.

the deal is this: i can't stand posting on this here blog thingy because i can't stand safari+blogger (the new home computer is a mac). the editing and photo upload capabilities just frustrate me to no end. so i've just taken my hands off the wheel. i mean, keyboard. (i need to find another laptop. one that likes to drink coffee and one that likes to dive and rest randomly on the floor without also 'quitting' in the process.)

i really wanted to post up stories of the 2 week birthday adventure........ but it might just be in the memory and experiential banks at this point.

i can say that Aspen Highlands is far more satisfying than i thought it would be! i can say that i'd ski there over anywhere here on the FR if given the choice. (cb and ah are now the fav co places to turn) i really liked the hike up the bowl. the ridge was one thing -- moments of desperately needing to NOT look over one edge, and moments of desperately longing for that wide-expanse of a view from the top. my eyes weren't big enough to take it all in! my heart was big enough to absorb it -- but man, it was COLD up there. i had to jump down the ridge and into the bowl (and wickedly phat snow) to warm up and lose the creeping feeling that i was way too high. it was LOVELY and insane in that perfectly casual colorado high-country way. the view from the top was jaw dropping. i'll be there again soon. or, i'd like to be.
ed's pic, taken down in the run out from the bowl. can't tell, but i was grouchy here. the mantras require a few more calories. i was in deep need of pizza at this moment. didn't know it at the time tho;-)
another ed pic (damn they're good, eh). this is the ridge. this is the bowl. this is the dream.

i can say that i could use a few more .lbs on the body to turn the mantras like i turn the crossbows. but that ain't gonna happen, so i need to get used to going faster and turning less. this ought to prove liberating on some level, i'm sure of it.

i can say that jean and eben are two of the best pals a woman could have. i'm grateful.

i can say that ed is The Man and he's ........... well, we won't go there ;-)


i had a birthday party at my house, TOO! i'm serious when i say that i had a 2-week bday celebration. i was lucky to get to make soup for my up-closers. daveC and M, you would have been here, i know, if you like... lived closer (dudes). ;-)

let's see let's see... what else what else?

went for a ride this weekend. the first 30 miles of 2008! nice DAY! my riding dates: EDmund, Steevie, JasonB. Thanks, guys!!! um, for letting me tag along?!?!? the sunshine was MASSIVE, the snow was blinding, the smiles were deep and all encompassing.

pony likes the snow! i would never have guessed. (my pic!)

honeee.... ;-) check out them winter ridin' shoes ;-)

colorado rools. i mean, rules.
(ahem, daveC and M). RULES. Come Here. Please.

So, Dave C and Ed had a small chat about posting on blogs, and keeping it interesting. My thoughts of late seem to be that I don't really have that much that is very interesting to say -- not here on the blog anyway. Not sure what this means for the continuance of such a practice. They both said to post up more than every couple of weeks. True. I feel like I move too fast to keep it up ... like I can't sit still long enough to get the thoughts all in one place, and the words out in a coherent and meaningful manner.

but whatever.

i did hear this on the radio this morning in regard to oil companies purchasing water rights in prep for an oil shale boom: 2 barrels of water to produce 1 barrel of oil. this got me fired up and talking out loud to myself and the radio during the drive into work today. i mean, REALLY. (this coming from someone whose occupation supports oil and gas exploration companies). i feel about this... something very strong and simple -- yet quite complicated as well.



Chris said...

Glad you're joining the DC&M lobbying party :)

I use Firefox+blogger on our mac and both Marni and I find it much better than safari for bloggering.

JenyJo said...

ah! good to know ;-)

(i guess i could have tried that to figure it out, eh? i'm having issues getting used to the mac).

hope you are both feeling much better! will you both in vaudeVille tomorrow?


Ed said...

About oil.

We just drove from Evergreen to Leadville and back to ride bikes in winter.



Cellarrat said...

ditto on the firefox/ mac thingy!

I donno my blog is just a place for me to throw my radom thoughts and ideas... sometimes it makes sense most of the time it prob doesn't to alot of folks....

#1 thing is the blog is for me as soon as it feels like i'm posting for other people i'd prob not be near as proliflic with it =)

Dave said...

I agree with Dave, if the writing ain't for you it ain't worth it. Reason #1 for me is that it's the best way to keep me making words on an almost daily basis.


Best to go all or nothing, though I do like your stuff and would miss it.

As for the CO moving efforts, the transcripts arrived Friday and the app is in the mail today!

Ed said...

I agree with the Dave's, if the blog doesn't work for you, 'can' it. I'd miss it though :-(

I use the blog to practice writing and think things through. I also use it to post pictures, and I love doing that. Not enough of that was being done when I had a television going all the time.

So I guess that's one good thing about the internet replacing t.v. But reading books has still fallen by the wayside