Leadville, CO. It was a whopping 6 degrees F when we rolled into town this morning. I have NO idea why I felt inspired to consciously go play in such temps, but for some reason I've been highly motivated for it all week.

The temps were PERFECT, if you ask me. The sun was out, and it felt downright hot (of course, I mean, hiking your bike and running your bike and working your bike through soft snow conjures the temps of southern beaches). Perfection.

snapshot courtesy of FixieDave.

i just deleted my boring, 10-page psycho-emotional-physical report of today's race.

it was FUN. it was SATISFYING. i was really happy to have some pretty pure inspiration and motivation to be there. it was freaking WONDERFUL to see my friends and to hang out and PLAY.

at one point in the race i decided that racing isn't for me. that i suck at it. that i am too attached to the outcome. i find this fascinating. and really fucking funny. but that's ok. and that's just me. odd thing is, the minute i gave up on the outcome -- not that i had any intentions or expectations before the race, i started feeling much better, much more energized, much... faster ;-). so. that went well. that went really well.

i met an incredible woman today: erin. we rode together and, yeah, we TALKED the whole way ;-) LMAO.

i also got to re-connect with Miss Marni today. She is just fabulous and i hope we get to ride soon.

ED, you inspire me. I'm SO proud of you (2nd SS, and 5 Overall...). DAMN good job, honey. I'm glad you're feeling good. THAT feels good ;-) And, i love being out in the world, playing with you.

Alright. I'm done.



Cellarrat said...

Its always funny when people are talking during a race... I'm usely sucking wind so hard I can't respond =)

human being said...

HA! I knew you were training.

Congrats on snow player-y.

Dave Byers said...

Excellent stuff! So great to see you with a big smile on your face while racing your bike in January! Woohoo.
We have an acronymn that I use frequently while riding; CTB. It stands for "Can't-talk-breathing!" and is best used while hyperventilating. Ha!

JenyJo said...

fixie: you didn't sound like you were breathing too hard! you just seemed to be ignoring me ;-)

human: training for the upcoming mtb season in general... ;-) hate to get to spring and not have any miles in me.

mr. byers: so nice to hear from you again! smiles are good. esp in the sunshine.... i have this small issue with wanting to make friends with everyone, especially those with whom i am racing. somehow i manage to talk to EVERYONE when i'm racing. oddly, i've ended up with some of my best pals ever just from chattin' happy during a race/competition. i often wonder what would happen if i just shut up a bit ;-) but it keeps it fun ... and nice ;-) good luck to you out in the SU!!!!!!!! omg, if i were you, i'd start a conversation or two!!!


Dave Byers said...

JJ - I too have met some wonderful people while racing and although I take it seriously, I wouldn't trade those conversations for anything. Thanks for the well wishes...it's getting pretty close now. Holy crap!