Here's to a day of just being.........being with whatever it is that is.

Here's to a weekend, of doing what you love, come what may.

Saturday morning: skies heavy with the wet-grey of clouds brushing heavily to the earth. Another full night of moisture. And snow.

Despite the reports of snow and cold and wet and lack of riding conditions: we rolled anyway. Arriving in the late morning sunrise that appeared in the break-up of shattered storm clouds, it actually looked quite promising.

I had the chance to meet some of the most wonderful people this weekend. Our tour guide, Ed's dear friend, and local down-to-earth Good Guy, Tom, was our fearless leader. I was also lucky to meet the hyper-skilled silent-mtb-madman, Andrew ... and his partner in crime: the lovely and talented, Miss Steph. Our gracious hosts for the weekend: Anton and Amber (and their world of insanely lovable pets).

The ride was giddy and delicious. We played in the Pine and in the sand and over the rocks and down the wash and it was G R A N D. It was a pleasant change of pace from the longer, less single track rides I've been on as of late (not that I've not been on single track). But it was refreshing nonetheless. I am so glad we left the house early in the morning, despite the weather and the forecast. We lucked out.

Sunday morning: dawn was pristine. It was still, crystal clear, and crisp and calm. What a morning to behold. I snuk out of the house early to catch up with friends I've not seen in over 5 years. What a morning for a reunion. I am forever grateful for Rich and Becky's presence in my life, and I am so glad we have had the opportunity to reconnect.

Then the clouds. And the spitting snow. Some rain......But we headed out anyway. A climb in the grey. More climing in the snow. Yet more climbing in the mud and snow. And then: right hand turn off the thick mud onto a fresh blanket of white powder and pine needles. What a lucky morning. Descending the snow, over the logs, grins as wide as the sky, which was endless white snowstorm. It was dumping. More descending, this time, all the way into Spring: the fresh green valley floor, the smell of earth, and the warm sun soaking in. And then ... back down into the rocks and sand and secret trails that I will always feel lucky for having ridden.

I'm so glad we all chose to follow our hearts into the snow storm ... only to find ourselves basking in the adventured bliss of our mtb creation. What a Sunday.

And then.............the drive home. Let's just say that I am grateful to be alive, I am grateful that we did not get hurt, and I am grateful that I didn't hurt anything along the way. Thank you thank you thank you for our safe return.

Monday morning found me entirely way too early, and completely clumsy with sleep. But the day evolved into a constructive focus that blossomed into many tasks and goals accomplished. Good work = good feelings. And I'll be able to rest well tonight.

So cheers to another weekend spent doing what I love and letting the rest fall into place... whatever place that is, or was, or may become.