There are so many things sitting in my mind, pending the proper attention. It's been a weekend to remember ... another weekend to remember: down-to-earth Being, being happy, content, satisfied, inspired, and grounded. Damn that is good.

Buffalo Creek is always a pleasure to ride. Whether solo or with a group of friends, one can always throw together a set of loops
sure to satisfy the ups, downs, and all-arounds of mtb-dirt satisfaction. Riding with Ed and Jim was just so darn pleasant I don't know that I stopped smiling for even a second. It was an interesting ride to test out what is supposed to be a 'rest' weekend for me (for us). I tell you, it's difficult for me to sit back and keep the heart rate low when I know we're only putting on 30 or so miles. I just want to stomp it and roll like crazy! But alas, keeping ones self in check on a 'rest' weekend is the 'smart' thing to do.

I don't know that I was able to really just take it easy. But I certainly did not let it go full throttle. But I wanted to.

Anyway... one of the three brightest spots of my day was randomly bumping into my best friend, Cynthia. (I know, she's got the same pic posted on her blog). (I know, I have no links to anything here because I don't feel like being found out yet). SO, the pic below is of Cynthia and I and our lovely Pony's (courtesy of Ed).... I admire Cyn, and I always will,
and I hope to grow up to be just like her.

(Above: Ed flying, courtesy of Jim)

Monday: sleepy. Work a practice in focus; I pretty much failed. Instead: thinking, planning, controlling, laying out, writing down, trying to get the heart-mind-soul-body wrapped around the adventure waiting at the end of the week: Kokopelli Trail Race.

As Cyn knows all too well, the 'race' part gets me all worked up. But I'm not letting it this time. I did, a little, for the last few days ... but I'm done with that part, because that is not a part of it for me, Now. I just want to finish.
          • I will be proud to start, and more so to finish. But I'm out there solely to be in the wide open space, to do something that pushes me beyond what I've done thus far.
          • I can't wait to make it into the sunrise.
          • I can't wait to make it to Dewey and and reassess my legs and my body and my energy and say: The Best Is Yet To Come (the remaining 66 miles and the majority of the climbing yet to be had).
          • I cannot wait, absolutely, to fill my camel back on top of N. Beaver. Because at that point: I know.
Not to mention that all along that 142 mile trail, the vision of the world is G R A N D, and I will be there ready, (and quite specifically) to Behold.

Tonight: True Rest. I'm doing 100% nothing. I'm not even folding the laundry. Apparently we were supposed to get storms this evening. Turns out Denver has just completely flooded:
I was sitting at Tommy's Thai having dinner with my Mother and my stepfather ... when a black wall of clouds settled in and promptly started a down pour. Thus, flooded streets all over town.

It's been The Year of Really Strange Weather thus far.

I can honestly say that I hope it's not that strange this coming weekend.


Cellarrat said...

Good stuff! Can't wait to see you this weekend...

Just pedal and enjoy!

Dont get cought up in that racing thing! =)

JenyJo said...

can't wait to see you out there as well!!! fixie maddness -- you're just something else, dave.

pedaling = enjoyment for me.... it truly does.

not getting caught up. and proud of it!

good night you hyper-blogger-commenter!!