2011 archive: Hunter Fryingpan WanderLust!

blogger hiatus. ;) DOH!

jeny has been deep in OCD-Work-Land. i don't like it when she's too much there.... and not so much in Big Happy Mtb Play Land ;( and thus, tails of mtbblissness have been sparse for a while. tails of light and rock have been on hold for the time being... i will share the 2011 mtblovestories in a short while.

i do, however, have about 6 months of pictures and adventures to catch up on here in blogger land -- if anyone is still out there looking in. (hello?hello?)

i thought i'd dig up an adventure from August. a little something i meant to share with you all, and simply haven't gotten around to it yet. we had an especially charmed spring, summer and fall with our camping trips last year. this trip, however, was one of the biggest and most rewarding of our adventures. we spent 4 days and 3 nights in the hunter-fryingpan wilderness, linking up a rather large set of trails, basins, peaks and ridgelines. i think i found a few of my new absolute favorite places to just BE on this trip. it was very special.

so, without further delay:

no real trails to/into this basin. one of my faves;)

lovelovelovelovelove this spacetimeandplace.


see me in this pic? where's jeny?

see camp?

more soon! thanks for peeking back into this quiet little world!


Ed said...

Can we go back?

cookiedough said...

yep, somebody still reads here - you and ed always expand my list of "next place to go"
Thanks for the passion

Buzz said...


Jeny and Ed exploring the far limits of spacetimeandplace !

Such a beauty filled space it was!

Thanks for sharing JJ :-)

Anonymous said...

JJ:... "peeking back".... been waiting with bated breath! And well, that basin of mystery delviered, wow, took me breath away. I bet it emananted some *energy*!
Looking forward to going back in 2011, for some JJ spoke stoke!