the perfect storm

what do you do when the air is silver and wraps you up in itself ... when you know the amber of fall is about to be blunted ... when there are a few hours of magic left in a day and there's an extra bucket of desire burning a hole in your psyche?????

you go out and RIDE in the storm of it, of course;)

giddy giddy bang bang.

Michelle and i headed out into the magic light...

the light before the white

and basically ... lit a big, phat fire.

we only encountered 2 runners. one of whom decided they wanted to give the rocks a go. that didn't work out so well for him.

michelle, however,

cracked her game wiiiiide open.

and it was lovely.

and downright magical.

because it was PERFECT out. and we were IN it. WITH IT.

singing the song... of mtbDance.

that's what...



Buzz said...

"....an extra bucket of desire burning a hole in your psyche..."



Scott said...

Looks like an awesome trail. Looks like Morrison/Red Rocks area but not Dakota ridge. What trail is that?

JenyJo said...

scott.. is is dakota;)



Anonymous said...

dancing the MTBDance....thats what mfér...
Dance away!
Nice tune JJ. ;-)
Miff :-X

Olaaa said...

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Juancho said...

These are great pics, and I have enjoyed them very much, but I am wondering what trails you are keeping from us.