2011 Archive: Stuff Found On Trail

In an ongoing attempt to catch up on the blog posts... how about a little ACTION from the end of August.

Ed and I were blessed with a very sweet visitor for a handful of uber-lucky days... This special visitor is particularly (and easily) charmed by: Stuff Found On Trail.

And by Stuff Found On Trail, I mean alllll sorts of things.

One good moment:


mmmm!!!!!! anyone dare to guess who this might be?

Yup. None other than Mr. Morris.

I think he actually might have been quite proud for NOT eating any of them. Instead, we made a nice little Skittles Sculpture, and carried on our happy Enduro-Tech way. (Enduro-Tech = 6+ hours of mileage + technically-focused-intentions. Ride it. Session it. Clean it.)

Scott and I spent this particular day finding every possible rock, log, SWITCH (and any other possible landscape-event) to RIDE, finnessseeee and skillKill.

From the Skittles point, he continued to entertain my no-dab, no-bounce game on My Mountain. There are FunRules that are directly tied to SkillRules, which are directly tied to CRACK!!!!! You know that, right?!

That is to say: the man is smoooovvveeeeeee as buttah. And he cleans lines on the first try that locals won't bother trying. My kinda tech friend!

There's nothing like moving from the Bergen Tech Fest straight over to A3s for a little MORE.

Nice work aligning THAT.... Funny thing: it's NEVER taken me that many tries to clean this one ;) WTF?!

Sighhhh... you kinda kill me, Scott... Mr. Smoove.

And. That was day 1. The other days all deserve their own posts ;)

That'll be enough tech for those of you (me) jonsin' for some real all day tech sessions.

Thanks for the Enduro-Tech Re-Stoke, SCOTTY!!!!!



Ed said...

How many miles do you think Scott would have ridden last year if he didn't tech-session so much?


ScottM said...

Haha! But then some of those dots wouldn't have been quite as happy as they so clearly were in the replays!

Skittles... Evergreen rocks... more please!

Anonymous said...

Scheewt Single Track jebus.....killer skillz! Phuck....my *up* tech sesh seems so upless! No-dab ..... um, well, I'd be the stoker at the back so ya'll wouldn't see my dab skillz!
Some classy smooove work there, and as usual, leavin me wishing local rocks would grow here!!
Miff ;-x

Chad said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Buzz said...

Stellar stuff...inspiring.

Pretty F'Fin' cool!


EmS said...

keep it coming! I'm getting my fix from your good life adventures.

ssportsman said...

come tech play with us :D

Aaron said...

Glad you're back. I think Scott's the one that turned me onto your blog when I lived in AZ. I rode w/ him a few times @ AES events (well, not really; he was always way ahead ;)). Now that I'm a Front Ranger too it's cool too actually ride what I wish I could before. Thanks for the stoke in my wintertime blues.