i swear!

i have so many pictures, i don't even know where to begin. i guess i'll start with just a small hand full... dole it out one little bit at a time.

this could potentially be a hearty set of pix. take the time to look. ;)

let's start with a couple of liz, michelle... and collin (mr. pre-blog-web-guy, you asked for it) ;)

two session evenings out on Dakota, one week apart. wildly cracked out evenings, both of them... mind-blowing fun. enough to remind me how much my friends suffer through my verbal obnoxiousness. sorry. sorta.


michelle (with a few choice words to say about her favorite motherfer's):


the girls and i have been upping the ante just a bit. in so doing, we seem to con a few passers by into joining the fun and games. after all, it's all about the fun of challenge... of trying and doing... and screaming about it at the top of our lungs (foul language and all).




ssportsman said...

Incredible shots! THe framing is wonderful, small bits of color worked in with great riding! I'm soooo looking forward to seeing the rest of your backlog.....

Anonymous said...

JJ:...upping the ante *just a bit*!!!!!!! Rockstars you are ....awesome awesome mad skillz and crazy as mofo's MTB dirtgirls ;-)!

You create the *rock effect* as I over here search for bigger, gnarlier, more challengier ROCK....;-)

You own the DIRT-RIX.


Miff ;-X

lr said...

I love you and that camera!

Colin M said...

Awesome running into you Rockstar girls! The rest of my ride was incredible all the way into the darkness.

I like the new website layout JJ! Yeah, so I had to dig up my old website on the internet archive. Haven't posted since 2006.