i promised you more... so here you go!

Friday: 100 degree ride with the LW powerhouse. thanks for the heat-riding (heat-recovering) lesson, oh great-one!!! (see the very few evening pix in the show below).

Saturday: The Infinite Smile Day with Cat, LW, MyssL. (all the GREEN pix are from Saturday).

Sunday: A cracked-out mtbBlissSession with LW. Strawberries, grapes and blackberries in the shade at the far arc of the new-trail ride. Hot. And Hawt. And Happy.

Thank you, MyssLenore, LW, and CAT. For all the blisssssnessss...



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Anonymous said...

Well Miss Fancypants...you dialling in on me or me in on you....some bliss on Friday went down worldwide! yeeha. You're lands look greeney green....
MtbON, and ON and ON. Keepin Hawt and Hot and Happy.....JJ!
Miff ;-)