honestly, i have been riding, and playing, and generally flying through this beautiful summer.

i've taken very, very few pictures... and i have not spent much time trying to attach words to the rides, the pix ... the anything.

so, how about a couple of slide shows!!!

6.18-19.11 saturday date ride, and sunday convergence-ride with Fred M:
as you will note, almost all of saturday pix (but one) pic were taken while recovering at the bar ... i mean, outside of absolute bikes while watching the river dudes do their river thing. the flowers were incredible.

our saturday ride was perfect. we had a nice ride from town, some serious climbing on a 2x road, some sOOOOOper fun contoury singletrack, and some other fun trail hunting bliss. ca-ching! nice way to come off of 2 weeks of solid WORK. wwwhhheee!!!!

our sunday ride was spectacarific, too! we escorted Fred up marshall pass and down starvation... all new to him. what a pleasure it was to ride and talk with this bright soul!!! his new bike is sssaaasssssyyyy!!! and yes walt, i want one. thank you, fred, for your company and your inspirations!!!

6.5.11 BliSS ride with Ez:
a few weeks ago i had the distinct pleasure of escorting eszter on a sparkler hunting ride. thankfully, she kinda found her sparklers the day before by crackin' out on her home-town trails, and taking the win at the SSUSA in Ned (yes, i called her Miss SS USA all day, and have visions of a nice little sash that i think she should wear).

anyway. as you will see from these very limited photos, i spent most of my day riding behind her. i had no little ring, and spent the day slow-pedaling in a whole new way. it was glorious. we had an odd day of fire-air. it was hazy, smoky, and otherwise WEIRD out. as noted in her blog post, she requested that we do this particular ride ... what i didn't realize was that she had very little recollection of what the whole loop included. we had a great day. we had a great long day. we were happy-happy-happy for most of the ride .. and happy-happy-happy at the end when she pulled out a huge steak and some roasted beets for post-ride recovery food. mMMMmm!!!

and, despite work being overwhelmingly intense, i've had the opportunity to blast out for a few quick and dirty rides.... and to hook up some super fun commuter loops on the mtb, linking up the various DIRT trail systems along with some linkage-bike-path action. i like creative mtb commute ideas.... i just wonder what a 4-hour mtb bike commute would do to the productivity of my day. thoughts.

and... that's all i've got. i should have more next week, i promise!



Carey said...

thanks for sharing! This summer is FLYING by, can't believe it. Hope your workload lightens up! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm thinking a 4 Hr commute with dirt included, makes the workload day pale away ;-) Do ett. Plus maybe, we could have some videos of yr super fun stairs and other JJ type obstacles along the way...
More next week.... deal.
So lovely to see your lovely lands...in summer... I really do like the flowers....lots. Especially the field/ST ones....
;-) X