truly wordless

Eszter did a pretty fantastic job of relating to you our 'magic-cracked-out-blissed-out ride through the woods' from last Saturday. I don't really have many words to add, but I do have a few more pictures. In all honesty, we were too engaged in a rock riding, tree flying, ridge climbing, soul singing, river skipping, lake jumping, high-altitude-loving, ride fest to take too many pictures.

All in all, we had a wildly successful adventure ride. One that absolutely tops the charts for me.

To add perspective on the BlissFactor of this ride -- to share with you the extent to which this loop (and in particular the last 10 miles of uberduffy, jaw-dropping-flowy, intricately designed, nicely choppy, and wildly FREE singletrack) lit up our MtbSoulFires, you will have to imagine this: after nameless hours worth of talkitytalk, singletrack talk, ctr talk, trail talk, sky talk, pony talk, and quiet-introspective talk:

as we rolled down the last 10 miles, we got quieter and quieter and quieter. it was so full of magic that words started falling apart, soul-excitement-expression became an act of just FLYING, and nothing could possibly be accurately expressed with words...

all the universe wanted from us was a bunch of cracked-out-fly-pony-grace through the woods.

we got to the very end of the trail, and just hugged.

thanks, ez... for all of that WiiiiildMtbBliss.



lr said...

How could you not love that outfit Ez is displaying! More color in that than in the wildflowers...ha ha.

Jj, love your socks too!

I was there last weekend but I drove my car through that area!! You guys are awesome....

Carey said...

Yea! Oh, the rocks...the rocks.

Anonymous said...

Best EVER blissed out adventure. Woweee JJ and Ez. Pretty awesome....those rocks....rock-a-lific! And look at yr Cowgirl plaits....awwwww. never ceases to amaze me how you can all look HAWT on this epic adventures...smiles socks....love it!
Well done!
Miff ;-x

Juancho said...

Damn! This post makes me wish I was a girl with a mountain bike in Colorado, or Heaven, or wherever that is. File this under, "What it is all about."

Buzz said...

08.02.11 #40 Picasa.

Off the chart be there now photo!

Share? por favor? Jenny vision video... maybe??


Hope all is well.


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