one day, on day One

a long post with mostly only pictures. who wants to read words, anyway?

in the beginning:

in the sea of bliss:

caption contest, anyone? crackhead 1a and 1b:

crackhead one-AAA1:

this one is funny, too. it makes me giggle. giggling is good.

may i re-introduce, the lovely, the uber-talented, the Goddesssss of Grace, MyssL!!

HA, MyssL ... i think i like that name for her ;-)



wait, no... THIS is heaven-LY:

with wheels ON the smoove ground:



Caption Contest #2:

the OOOO!!! and the LAALAA!!!


she IS, the epitome, of Zen.

LW at the HIGHCountrySpaGarden:

There goes my Starling, waaaayyyyyy up there. Ok, everyone, go catch him!



OK. More later.



sir mordred said...

living and enjoying the world... hi from Spain

Penya Almorsaret

ScottM said...

LOL, what a bunch of weirdos. Love all you guys! :)

Carey said...

Very nice!!
Are the tall green knee highs compression socks?

Buzz said...

Super nice pix JJ!

Got any of the man MTBer's doin' some techy sorta stuff??...MC...ED..?

The guys gotta have some chops?



Anonymous said...

Awww, love the pony pic in the *see* of bliss......
Maybe they were just wanting man-hugs.....but needed to exert their manliness....for the lens and all. Heavenly place of play...... I like!

JenyJo said...

scott: takes one to know one (or a few of them) ;-)

carey: yes. more in an email.

buzz: uhm... sorta. day 2 is still on it's way.

miff: ;-) mwah!


Lynda Wallenfels said...

SupaFab riding with you JJ :-)

Carey - green knee highs are http://www.recoverysock.com/ use code kristapark to get 15% discount.

Dave Harris said...

Caption #1: well I can't play since I was in that pic, but note the open arms of one rider and charging bull/closed fist stance of the other.

Caption #2: Guy #2 did not get the memo of guy #1's resignation.

Fun weekend! We'll have to do that again sometime :)