I had the distinct pleasure of riding with a beautiful crew of calm-cool-collected, uber-talented and beautifully-masterful riders this weekend (LW, DH, MC and his L, EDE). I don't know how I lucked out. I promise a full weekend report at some point ... soon.

Until then, one little story from the Sprite of Over-Excitedness (me).

MC made sure to point out every last possible "roller line" on both of our rides this weekend. In my hyper-excited state of wanting to up my technical riding game, I put myself on everything that didn't require 'air time.'

Sunday, mid-day, MC pointed out a super-sweet, double-pitched, slightly-gapped rock line that was right at the edge of my 'steep' and 'big' experience thus far.

I lined up, pre-rolled the entry point a few times... while DH and LW looked on in complete horror. Ed could barely watch, and I'm not sure exactly what MC was thinking. But, I knew I had it in me.

So ....... Zen state locked ..... and down I rolled ....

And what word involuntarily sprang from my mouth in that first attempt, as I rolled in a little too hot and a little too over-excited???


Yup. Mommy.

I did not roll off the end of that line particularly "clean" the first time. The second time, however, I rolled it without a sound, and rolled away as casually as I could.....


More pix and stories later!!! I promise!



Buzz said...

Oh shoots! Are you kidding me? double inspiration today... one via EZ's post and now this!!

You rockstar angel you! Oh yes!

I'm rolling ..NOW!!


Carey said...

Nice! Looks like you're not on your normal rig..love the steep and techy..my cup of tea and so much fun..were you in GJ?

Glen Gollrad said...

Wow - big time big kids lines JJ! Love the fully compressed fork - tells a lot about the work going on. Quite the elite mtb crew to "rock" with. Trying out a big wheeled full squishy bike then? Interesting...

ssportsman said...

nice.. bring your bikes up here for some BC roller lines.

JenyJo said...

BUZZ: i often gather motivation and inspiration from the EZ.... she's a master at that in her beautiful ways!

CAREY!!!! nope, not the HT!! FS Specialized Epic. NOt mine. Need to find a FS pony. Let's go ride, please... Ride dayte. sometime in the next 2 weeks. Please.

GLENN: AHAHAH... funny you saw that. i saw that too. which is likely why my face looks like it does in the pic ;-) elite crew: indeed. we must ride with those we admire, right? right. i can't believe they put up with me all weekend... esp that Ede guy. ;-)

SportySpice: yes please... someday... are you two coming here for that monster ctr ride?? please? ;-) let's talk about that.

thanks for stoppin' in crew... i promise all the really good pix and stories soon -- esp since i know that Ed got a world of pix.


Dave Harris said...

That had to be the 2nd funniest moment of the weekend.

Your riding is sick girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mommy! Alrighty. Yikes JJ....I felt tense just watching. AND no downhill-ish rock-rolling-ish padding! Super awesome freak chica ;-)......damn good stuff JJ!
Very roll-inspiring!
Miff ;-x

Carey Alina said...

Yessss! I will email you about riding tomorrow. :)