I am not lost. I promise.

Everything below is a link... click it = get pix!

Click here for final WEDDING PIX!!!
this fine, wonderful work all done by jen, at jenjudge.com

All of the honeymoon pix i took can be found here!

a.) Ed will post his someday ;-)

b.) i lost half of my pix.

c.) i didn't take many pix to begin with.

d.) we enjoyed 3 hikes, 2 runs, 3 days of nothing but beach time, sunblock, boogie boards and books.

e.) we enjoyed at least 2 days of nothing but books and relaxing.

f.) we consumed more than our fair share of sushi. and wine.

In addition, I have had a few handfuls of ride dates between the wedding, the honeymoon, and now. Thus, a bucket full of pix. Click any one of the links below for albums full of ponies, rocks, and happy people.

Jason and M: The Day We Introduce M to 29er LOVE.

TechWork: The Day M Masters the 29er.

Entirely Way Too Much Fun.

Michelle put up a most masterful post HERE.

OK. Now that we're all caught up. What's next? What did I miss? ;-)



TVC15 said...

no matter how many times i see those wedding pictures, i'm always amazed. beautiful stuff!

Buzz said...

Wow! from this side of cyberspace that is looking like some pretty good livin' there JJ!


I guess the only thing you missed was a pic of Spacecowgirl in her bikini on the beach!!! I know I know. heheheeheee

Good on you and Ed!!

JenyJo said...

Funny you should mention that, Buzz. We didn't get ONE picture of the beach play days. No bikini shots. Besides, had Ed tried to take a pic of JJ in her bikini, the lense would have cracked from all the white light reflecting off of her uber-white wintery skin.