730am: dentist. dentist chair. needle. drilling. joy.

845am: office. monitor. 3rd cup of coffe. it's the only thing with taste, so why not have another.

945am: starving. left side of face still falling off skull. more coffee.

130pm: FOOD. finally.

230pm: motivation extinct, completely lost in the univrese, somewhere. brightness down the drain.

330pm: start asking for help finding motivation and energy.

345pm: receive clear directions to The Place Of Motivation. and if it's not there, then i'm there, and that is all that matters.

500pm: 37 degrees. little frozen flakes darting to the earth. in the saddle, and begin. EMEast. fresh tracks.

530pm: first summit. huh,imaginethat - 20 mins faster than expected.

545pm: EMWest. fresh tracks. torched. hit the ranch trail.

600pm: hit the golden whisper trail. 615pm: switches. cleared.

627pm: fresh tracks still. fourth and final summit reached. have a little chat with the universe. wet, heavy snow starts pounding.

646pm: frozen hands, pony packed, heater full blast in the car. recoverite. grin.

730pm: mineral salt bath.

830pm: hot thai food. pajammas. tea.



lr said...

you are my motivation in life!

Ed said...

Good job honey!!


Dave Byers said...

Yeah for solo rides and first tracks! Beautiful trail pics!

JJ - don't you have snacks strategically placed in your desk at work? No bonking at work...it can adversely affect your after-work rides. ;)

JenyJo said...

lr: you're cute.

ed: thank YOU.

db: embarassingly, i eat too much at work as it is ;-) and then, i have snacks on the way up the hill before rides... food was definitely not the issue yesterday! but you have reminded me to restock the snack drawer in the work desk.

hope you are doing well


Carey said...


$200 Deep Cleaning said...

Yee Haw! I was headed that way last night too but Kim called from home sick so I had to save her from Zane.

Kevin aka. PBR said...

Thats why i didnt see you at Chimney! actually i rode solo as well i was late and it was all good- i needed that! perfect temp and rain to finish! awesome! I did run into ed at the comba meeting though!

Juancho said...

Certain places get better Universal Reception don't they?

JenyJo said...

Juancho: you can say that again.

i think i might hire you to write my blog posts....