a darn Good Friday

With a whole day of Free Friday time, why not go out and meander around on the pony all day long, eh?

The yellow line is the route, clockwise ;-)

Slide show at the bottom with descriptions ;-)

Started from the house:

  1. Up Bergen Peak Trail to the top.
    From the top, saw a fire that had just started over off of Parmalee Gulch Road, which I would be passing by later in the day. Didn't think much about it. See the pix for the fire shot!

  2. Down Too Long.
    Saw ONE rider. And he was taking a pp break right in the middle of the trail. Icky.

  3. Connector trails, roads, and back roads over to the upper Apex TH.
    Fun stuff, linking it all together.

  4. Apex Trails
    Started down the main trail, turned up Hardscrabble, up SleuxBox, down-around-up Grubstake, down PickNSledge, down the remainder of Apex.

  5. Connector road over to Matthew Winters.

  6. Matthew Winters proper: the mellow, enchanting, flowing way.

  7. Connector road thru Morrison, up to Falcon TH.

  8. Up the grunt of Falcon, to the tippy top.
    For some reason, this climb killed me ;-) These were my internal implosion miles.

  9. Connector road to Lair of the Bear (LOTB).
    Ran into the fire-cops at the top of Parmalee Gulch road. Yup, the road was closed due to the fire that I saw earlier. Talked with the nice fire guy and he let me thru the line and onto the LOTB singletrack! WOHOOO!! That could have REAAAALLLY sucked.

  10. LOTB singletrack in all it's swooping glory.

  11. Connector road: Kerr Gulch back up to Evergreen.

  12. Connector singletrack to Bergen meadow.
    One of my faves. Too bad it's so short. Did the extra little loop at the top;-)

  13. Blaze the Bergen Meadow back to the house.

A lovely, meandering 60 mile, 8,700'. A nice all day affair.



Buzz said...

Dang JJ!.......that looks like a SOULFULL ride!

Nice place you live...sweeeeeeeeeeet.


Anonymous said...


JenyJo said...

nah, cal, it was the anit-epic.


buzz: ;-).


JenyJo said...

OK, apparently I can't type this morning.

I meant to say:

ANTI-epic. it wasn't epic ;-)

it was just long, for me ;-)


LDR said...

ugggh! you are awesome. i will do this route in about two weeks time! cool.

Pablo said...

Like my my gram used to say "Best to yield the route to the man who wields his spout." But I do want to hear some of the clever one-liners that went through your head after that encounter.

LosingGround said...

Ahh, perfecto! I'm new to the area and have been wanting some ways to connect parks for some endurance training. Thanks for the inspiration. I used to check your blog once in a while in AZ too. Maybe I'll "ride" into ya sometime.