Wildly Lost Creek

note to self: if ed has an edventurous idea, follow him ... without too much question. have faith!

view from our camp spot, evening light

hike along the valley floor in the morning

route finding ... many hours and a lot of glorious and mind- blowing this:

ed's view

edventure route finding complete, and now for the long glorious haul to complete the loop ... aaahhhhh the views

ALL of the pix... phew!

i definitely feel like we found a new-to-us paradise, one we'll be visiting often.

most repeated conversational topic:
question repeated at all serpentine singletrack places (remember, we had 21 miles of this):
"is this rideable?"
answer: "hell yes ... gloriously yes ... blissfully yes ... ohmygodnoway ... oh my god, can you IMAGINE the route we could put together, yes!yes!yes!"

if only.



Kyle said...

Not many folks know about that place, I've only heard about it. Up North right? - Kyle M

Anonymous said...

I like that you hike a lot. There's single track to be found under foot ;-) Those rocks are just amazing. I love rocks. I really do. I love single tracking them, being around them, crawling over them....they are the earths inner core reaching out....
On Eds foot wheel nice.....we follow some good wheels.....most repeated QA on ST for us....Q:Really? A:Of course...
Of course. ;-)X

JenyJo said...

hey KYLE -- well, north of where? definitely not north of where we are. Lost Creek Wilderness....

MIFFFFF!!!! i WISH we could ride in there.... holy magical pony rides!!!! i didn't stop thinking about that for a second. but no, we can't ride in 'Wilderness designated areas' No bikes. HUGE topic of debate here. Come here and I will show you more rocks ;-)



Buzz said...

.....there are plenty of places to roll. Perhaps this place might be one to only tread so very gently upon.... bringing only peace, love and selflessness..?

The "earths inner core"...reaching skywards...

11,12,13 in the series are just awesome to me.... transporting. The rest as well.

Ed the *visionary* and Jeny the *seer*. Thank you for sharing the inspiration.


Carney said...

Practicing for the hike-a-bike at the Vapor Trail right? :):)

JenyJo said...

carney..... Nope. i'm out. no go on the jeny mojo. i'm only going to heckle. consider yourself warned.



Em said...

I recognized that rock! Unique weathering. Totally Lost Creek Wilderness. It seems to be an often overlooked wilderness area.

loving the backpacking goodness from you two.

JenyJo said...

LMAO! EM: of course YOU would recognize the ROCK.

i think i might email you with some geo questions regarding this particularly magic place...

we miss you ... very very much.


Anonymous said...

That there IS a slice of Heaven on Earth, Rock on!

EmC said...

If we ever go backpacking or have a more successful mtb ride you might get more geology then you desire! In the meantime, ask away!

Miss you and Ed too. It was great to spend the weekend together even if I did sleep for most of it.

We'll be back someday.

TVC15 said...

lost creek wilderness -- one of the few places i have actually and "really" camped! no tent neither, just found a rocky overhang and called it good.

beautiful photos!!