new, in a new way

pardon the absence! i've been geeking out following all my pals on the CTR!! if you've not checked it out, you need to. seriously now.

so for last weekend: neither ed nor i have donned a BIG pack for a hike and camp adventure in TOO many years. we're both a bit 'burnt' on the mtb-fire, so we set pack to back, foot to wilderness trail and headed up for an over-nighter right at treeline.

here are the pix! feel free to create captions for any of the pix of ED -- because his beauty and nature makes me giggle in some of the pix!

we set out saturday for a short but very ascending hike up to 11,500'. we camped on a ridgeline right in the last set of trees, with a view of 2 14ers. it started raining about 10 seconds after we started our hike! it was a lovely cleansing hike ;-) it stopped and cleared up for a few hours, and then, just as we got the tent set up, it started pouring again. and it continued to do so for the remainder of the night.

sunday's morning light dawned, and we were blessed with a handfull of hours to continue our loop. we scrambled up another 2 ridgelines, and summited Rosalie at 13,500'. thunder started to roll just as we topped out, and we had a 6 mile, 4,000' descent back to the car, with very minimal rain. we reallly lucked out.

hiking like that, up high, and straight up ridgelines and mountains: my feet have some catching up to do with my legs ;-) sore feet were the only issue --- and i had big fat squishy shoes on to try and mitigate that potential issue... but alas. however, recovery has been quick.

i/we foresee a lot of on-foot overnight adventures in the very near future.

that said: i keep dreaming about my bike at night. each dream consists of BIG desperation to get out on the pony and ride, while the story of each dream (places, people, things) hampers my momentum. HUMMMMM....



Carey said...

nice! hmmmm...i can relate..what is it with this summer anyway? I just want to disappear for a while, change things UP! Those are some nice, cushy shoes too..Smiles!

Dave Byers said...

Glorious. Beautiful.

Dave said...

You'll have to keep us updated on the Hokas/clown shoes.

And gel on pancake?! Barf.

JenyJo said...

DB: you and M are glorious and beautiful ;-))

DC!!!! i will indeed give you updates on the super squishy clown shoes. actually, so far, i LOVE them! definitely different...

that was ed's ... edvention (the gel). personally, i'd only touch that if i was in desperate need of calories. the pancakes alone were quite delicious. the gel --- that just made a really big mess ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sweet sweet climbing by the feet.
I like.
Your will to hike.
Mix it up.
All very good.
You and Ed would love Mt Warning over here in ancient lands...... lens-a-licous.
Miff ;0x

Anonymous said...

Please stop dreaming.....giddy up on pony and ride back to us.......been vibing some momentum your way....often lots...ok every day.....;-(
;-) ;-X
Ok... I'll spin my wheels in meantime.....