seeing the light

play date with michelle always proves to be full of light and wonder. i've decided, quite simply, that she IS Light and Wonder. period.

since the burners are ... burnt ... i thought it best to cool the jets and go play on some rocks and switches. michelle and i opted for a sassy little pitch that is usually traveled in the downward direction. cleared them all down ... now time to clear them all going up!

thank you, michelle, for another morning of enLightening bliss.



Chad said...

Love the pics...allows us to see exactly what kind of technical lines you are riding! keep 'em coming!

Buzz said...

Big jets need cooling after moonshot stratospheric rides..but Yoowza JJ! *maneuvering* thrusters on Spaceshipcowgirl seem to be working A-OK!

roger that!

Michelle..? I've said it before I'll say it again...GODDESS..!



sarah virginia said...

when do we get to have a play date?!?!!!??