the whole last month...

... i've got NOTHIN'!!!!

except for about 75 pix from Dec 1st through Dec 27th.

ed and i spent a solid 4 weekends and every week night PREPPING (moving furniture, re-organizing, painting, repainting and repainting and more prepping and organizing) for the entire family to show up for Christmas Day. Thus, not much bikey-bikey ;-( .... but fun pix nonetheless.
Christmas extravaganza turned out perfectly!! I LOVE my family!!!!

Meanwhile, I managed to: get up to Aspen for a quick visit with Jean and Eben and their new baby, Quinn; check out the new ss and tempt myself playfully (sukkah) on two separate rides; hit 3 days worth of yoga each week; celebrate ed's beautiful birthday; see the neighbors new bunny wabbits; and eat more cookies than i have ever, ever, EVER even attempted to eat in my whole entire life ---- thanks MA.

Anyhow... here's to December:

Thank you, my starling ... for a MOST wonderful Christmas ;-) mmmwwwaahhh!!!

... and here's to starting January's efforts a week early!!!




Jessica said...

Sissy Pants! Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful Christmas with the family! I love you so much. Your pics are beautiful.

Carey said...

I sometimes hide cookies too..(:

Anonymous said...

Jen, I hop onto your blog once in a while to see what's up in your world. And you never disappoint, with your zest for life and your uber-positive attitude--not to mention lots of biking pics! Thanks for sharing, and you guys have a great holiday season.
(Clair in Austin)

JenyJo said...

sissy pants! hugssss!!!

hey carey --- do you hide them, then eat them for breakfast? heheheheh.....

anon - thank you so much!!!!