thank goodness...

... for such awesome people ...

Is it odd that I had the time of my life crewing for Lynda and Dave this weekend while they raced in circles and literally beat the pp out of everyone!??! I love my 2 little crack heads!

Unfortunately, I really didn't have the time for pix ... or videos! I thought I would, but I was wrong ;-)

All the big news, which I'm sure everyone reading this has already heard:

  • HUGE congratulations to Lynda for absolutely dominating and winning the 24 Hour SS Solo National Championship title!!!!!!
  • HUGE congratulations to her man and partner in crime, Dave, for also destroying the field and winning the 24 hour SS Solo National Championship title!
  • And ESZTER!!!! HUGE congratulations to you -- for absolutely following your bliss straight into the 24 Hour Solo National Championship title! Soak that one up!

You all kick such serious ass it's really not even describable ;0) You all blow my mind, and fill my heart, and I'm so honored to have been your pit angel (Lynda and Dave)! Or, as some of my friends have said: pit bitch ;0) Your huge success has just filled me up with so much energy, and so much inspiration. I hardly have the words. (So I'll just continue to scream and yell at you from here on out ;0) No one has complained yet!).

As for getting on with Life After Moab: I went on a little Pony Pedal tonight, and had a date with my man on the singletrack.

I like this kind of environment:

And this kind of sky:

And this kind of man (well, specifically, THIS MAN):0)

Hope everyone is enjoying the ridiculously short-fast fall we're having!! Get out and get that dirt while you still can!



cynthia said...

jeny - your photos are AWESOME! I love all of them you captured the moment.

TVC15 said...

super terrific post jj, enjoyed the pictures very much too. glad you're back!

LyndaW said...

JJ you rock!! We were so privileged to have you on our team.

Sonya said...

You are amazing! :)

Dave Byers said...

Yeah JJ, you rock! I know that Dave & Lynda had to do the pedaling but your infectious energy in the pit was a key ingredient.
Love the pics and the post.

Dave Harris said...

What can I say JJ? You are simply amazing...Ed is one lucky guy :) You were simply phenomenal in Moab. I can't thank you enough.

I really look forward to that couples trip with you & Ed!

JenyJo said...

LW: you know i adore you!!!

Looney: you're looney.

DB: ;-))))

DH: yea for couples trip! hahahah... i'm so excited... i was actually going through routes and sections this morning as i was waking up.