We had our fair share of this today:

My two little SSers ;-) (at hour 5 of an ... "exploration" day)

Click the pic above for the whole picture story.

(Or, go to Steevies album for more pix from a different POV).

Happy trails (or rides without trails)!!



Dave Harris said...

Where is the snow???

Looks like awesome riding conditions, but wow hope y'all get some moisture. And JJ - you are looking great, crackhead.

JenyJo said...

hey there DH -- yeah, bracing for a dangerous fire-season. good thing the mtns still have a ton of snow. but we are definitely lacking down low here. there IS snow -- I'm just not taking pix of it ;-)

crackhead ;-)... thanks for all the inspiration!


Anonymous said...

yikes...is the CO trail? scary to see how rideable it is in Feb. looks like a fun time tho! :)


TommyB said...

I definitely need to relocate from where I live. Nice!

Anonymous said...

how do you upload such large pics to your blog?