thank goodness for truly warm air today! felt much better to breathe a bit of heat instead of the cold wind and air that's been forcing it's way into every day of riding in weeks (and into my sinus'!!).

while ed opted for a large dirt and back road (and connector trail) loop, i opted for strictly singletrack (minus the ride to/from the singletrack that necessitates a bit of concrete) adventure for the day.

i am happy with the state of the trails right now ;-)

thanks SO much michelle and aj, and dave and anthony ... for the wonderful day in the dirt. i think we all needed that ;-)

Click the Picture for More Pictures!

hope everyone is OUT in the sunshine and warmth, soakin' it allll in (before the snow flies again... because you know it will).



Macrobiótico said...

Hey JenyJo,

I like so much the pictures.
The day was realy beauty...

Anonymous said...

march...in like a lamb, one hot hot lamb that is. good thing were not in canada.