spoiled rotten

The weekend did not turn out as 'expected'. Truth is, I didn't expect anything outrageous for the weekend at all -- likely a ride or two, some DVDs, lots of wine, maybe a couple of kisses.

Boy, was I wrong! Apparently, my darling had a secret plan and surprise!!!!

Late sleep-in
Breakfast at Our Special Place in Evergreen
Matinee: Coraline
Coffee and Chai and Biscotti downtown Denver
A few hours at the Kirkland Museum downtown for the Abstract Paintings and Sculptures exhibit
An art-experience of a dinner at Fruition downtown denver (courses with wine selections made for a truly creative experience in and of itself. i feel so lucky to have experienced that!)

Siiiggghhhh.... ah Valentines day ;-)
I only have ONE picture from the WHOLE DAY, can you believe that?

Then TODAY!!!
Despite feeling completely and utterly wasted tired upon waking up really late, we saddled up the ponies and rode from home... we hit the sunny skies for 46 miles of roads, dirt roads and single track, a total of 6,400' of climbing, and many, many hours of sunshine, exploration and smiles!!! Felt GOOD all day to boot! yyyeeehhhaawww!!!

And, I didn't take a single picture from the day ... sorry ;-)

Ed is spoiling me rotten, I tell you. He made a wicked scrumptious stir-fry tonight ... while I geeked-out on Lynda and DaveHs OP Race Results (yyyeeehhhaaawwww!!!) and DaveBs Race Results (supastaaaa!!!!).

Our people kick-ass, I tell you! Giddy-UP!!!

Lucky, lucky stars.



TVC15 said...

Really lovely. :) The picture, too. ;)

human being said...

I'm so happy you had a great weekend with e.


Sandblogger said...

Sounds nice. Glad you guys got out on the bike sunday as well. I miss V-day before little kiddo's. Too much crying now!