UpIt from home

i have a wonderland to ride within straight from home. how cool is that? that is so cool.

today i rode 'five-to-the-first-woods-four-to-the-tease-skeet-and-shoot'. wonderful little loop, i tell ya. juuuuuust wonderful. i got a pinch flat today! knew that was going to happen. just knew it.

i didn't stop too much for pix... but you can go look at what i did get here:

and, i bet my wonderful partner got some super sweet pix of the clouds and sunset tonight! go check ed's site!

really, really looking forward to that friday-end-of-the-week feeling tomorrow morning when i wake up! and THEN, i'm REALLY looking forward to another ride in wonderland after work. ahhhhyeah.... and THHHEEENNNNN... i'm really looking forward to a loooonnnnggg ride on Saturday with the Freak Show.

right now, a glass of wine is in order. CHEERS!

hope everyone is doing FANTASTIC!



Rick LaBelle said...

Cheers right back at ya, Jeny! And Ed, too. We're finally riding on actual dirt here in Driggs, lookin' forward to a Friday evening date ride with Joanne on Spooky Trail. Is summer in the mountains great, or what?? ;-) Love the pics...and good luck with the Freak Show!

JenyJo said...

hey there, RICK!!! yes, mtn living is super sweet. i don't know that i feel truly in the MTNs-mtns, but we're definitely 10-20 degrees cooler up here. OMG, it's such a HUGE relief for me! I grew up here, too ... so i'm particularly adapted and addicted to this particular environment ;-)

enjoy spooky trail!!!! enjoy DATE NIGHT!

also, i think i'm re-renaming the trail i rode yesterday. it came to me last night in the middle of the night... now i can't remember it tho. it'll come to me ;-)

SO glad to hear you're all riding on DIRT now!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!! I bet you're all still as white as snow tho, eh?

CHEERS! Good to hear from you!

Ed said...

And the new name is.....?

Keep those pictures coming! great post.


LyndaW said...

oooh backyard trails - I love those. Mine is called Paradise Canyon - really that's it's real on the map name. I'll have to post pics sometime.