west rim - south boundary - ojo caliente - ojitos to south boundary

my dear friend jen wanted to do the femme pre-wedding celebration-thing by bike -- in taos. who am i to refuse a bride-to-be her wish!?!?

hell YEAH! bring it on! we had the time of our lives riding our bikes and spending time out in the middle of nowhere.

i cannot say that these are the best pix i've ever taken. sorry, jen.... but here's the 4-day weekend anyway:

Friday: drive to taos (jen from santa Fe, me from evergreen). meet up, and hit a nice flat 20-dirt-miler on the west rim ride. did i mention it was flat? it was gorgeous, and just what the body wanted to start the weekend right.

ah, taos

jen, just starting to unwind and get into the groove

the end of the trail -- where we went a few steps further. we sat out on the rocks and chatted while the sun set into a pristine friday evening sky

on the way back to the TH -- only in Taos ...

ok, here's the real gem of this story: we rented a 100% decked out air stream for the weekend!! it was parked in the middle of absolute nowhere in complete isolation (and yet close to all the trails). it had everything we could have wanted. including a hot tub ;-) yes, we accidentally locked ourselves in on monday morning! doh!

Saturday: we decided that time was high to hit the south boundary trail from the bottom -- to the top -- and back. what a way to spend a day!! 100% pure pedalin' - sun-shinin' - groove makin' BLISS. we had the time of our lives riding up that delicious hill -- and then back down-up-down-down-down it. i have to say that the tech stuff at the end was SUPER fab and i LOVE to ride this trail. i want to do it again. now. please!?!?

the beginning of the day!

jen, early in the climb

jen, burning new trail through the trees!

zzooommmm!! swwooosshhhh!!

jen still climbing

rest spot -- the ponies needed a break!

one of very few pix i stopped for on the way back down. looking north.

another of the very few on the way back down. looking north.
yours truly on a really, really fun little section (thanks, jen for the shots!)

it was so much fun, and had so many different options, i had to play on more than one line!!!

ending our day, on our way back to the luxury casita!

silly hot tub pic #1

silly hot tub pic # 2 -- jeny + jen

SUNDAY: we went to Ojo Caliente -- sat in mineral pools and indulged in massages. not a bad day at all.... the mud pool was the absolute best.

MONDAY: monday we had a nice breakfast out, and then headed to Ojitos to South Boundary. We wanted to see how different the Ojitos climb was up to a section to the S.B. Then, we got to descend the fun stuff again!! WOOHOOO!!!
it was so much fun that really, this was the only pic i took -- taken even before we took the ponies off the car ;-)

the drive home

it was the perfect weekend. truly.

thank you jen!!!



lottery winners said...

This is a nice blog. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Looks like some mighty good times you two had - good stuff Jeni!

ssportsman said...

Looks like a great weekend, yo

So much good riding to be done, and it's always better with a close friend, a hot tub, and a mud bath :)